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Marvel: “Sorry, We Didn’t Really Mean There Was a Trans Character…”

The president of Marvel Studios and chief creative officer of Marvel, Kevin Feige, made news earlier this week when he appeared to suggest that the company was shooting a movie that included a transgender character.

Now sources inside the company are walking back the statement, saying Feige was misunderstood.

During a question and answer period at a recent appearance at the New York Film Academy, Feige was asked by a student about LGBTQ representation in the franchise.

“Are there any current plans on bringing more LGBTQ+ characters into the MCU, specifically the T — trans characters?” the student asked.

“Yes,” Feige replied. “Absolutely, yes. And very soon, in a movie that we’re shooting right now.”

But Variety reports Feige was only responding to the first part of the question and was affirming that there were plans to further develop LGBTQ characters in the franchise.

Full Story at LGBTQ Nation


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1 thought on “Marvel: “Sorry, We Didn’t Really Mean There Was a Trans Character…””

  1. Interesting.
    Even ‘reprobate Heinlein’ wrote transexual characters in the “repressed ’50s” These were my first introduction to trans and his stories/novels carried me until Ursula LeGuin made the claim of breaking new ground with her novel. I’ve been told that both influences can be seen in my novels.


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