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New Queer Urban Fantasy Story – Free

marionettes in the mist-qsf

Hey all,

Today’s the launch of the new serial story “Marionettes in the Mist” over at the Mischief Corner Books blog. It’s written by four QSFers – J. Scott Coatsworth, Angel Martinez, Freddy Mackay, and Toni Griffin, and new chapters will be posted every Monday and Thursday.

The story follows four characters – a goblin rock star, a skin walker down on his luck, a dragon rider, and a phoenix with an axe to grind, as they come to terms with separate tragedies that put them on the road to a fated meeting.

It’s been a lot of fun working on the story, which will stretch into a planned completion some time in 2017. Yes, folks, there is an end game. :)

Hope you enjoy it!


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