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New Release: Crystals and Contracts – A.A. Fairview

Crystals and Contracts - A.A. Fairview

QSFer A.A. Fairview has a new queer paranormal romance out (bi): Crystals and Contracts.

My landlord is going to hate me for what I’m about to do.

I’ve never had a father and never wanted one either. To my dismay, I do have a father, Arthur le Fay–a crime lord witch. Afraid for not just my safety, but the safety of my friends and coven, I have no other choice but to make a deal with a devil. A little drastic? Maybe, but it’s certainly effective.

At least it would be–if the devil would agree to make a deal with me!

Now I have a devil in my apartment and no idea what to do about the le Fays. I just want them to leave me alone… or maybe I want them afraid of me. Fear is one hell of a motivator. But no amount of fear will get this devil of mine to behave. He’s much more partial to exchanges, my body for his benevolence. Nothing good can come from feelings, especially when he insists he has none.

Warnings: Violence, death of a parent, cancer, discussions of death and terminal illness, infidelity (not involving the main couple), sexually explicit content, slut shaming.

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I have never been more grateful to see a stranger’s bare behind, because at least that means the man hasn’t seen me yet. I stare–more like gawk–at the Figure with olive skin like aged parchment. Black curls brush his shoulders. My eyes wander further down, and I try to focus on the dimples right above his rear instead of looking any lower. But damn it, his butt is perfectly toned without losing its roundness.

He clears his throat. My eyes jolt up and are caught by a single golden eye glaring at me over a shoulder. Not golden like brown with hints of yellow, but golden like his eyes are solid gold coins. The contrast of his inky black curls and his warm eyes is breathtaking enough, but the way his eyes bore into me takes my breath away.

Finally the figure turns to face me. “Oh–” I wince, covering half his body with my hand. I like the view, sure, but I’m not really ready to see this stranger’s family jewels.

A low, smokey voice speaks. “You summoned me.”

I blink, and it hits me that the spell worked–too well. “I was practicing,” I breathe.

He doesn’t seem to hear me. “You summoned me?” his gravelly voice repeats, though this time it’s a touch mocking.

I furrow my brows. “It appears that way, doesn’t it?” The figure scoffs and starts to walk away, right to my front door. “No, no, no–” I panic, running to block his exit and press my back against the door.

This doesn’t stop the man, who walks right up to me. “Move,” he commands.

“Absolutely not!” I respond, shaking my head. “You are much too naked to be going anywhere–”

He lifts a brow. “Naked?”

“A-and I summoned you here!” I straighten my back and lift my chin. “Which means you have to listen to me.”

The figure chuckles, showing off bone white teeth. “I listen to no one, little witch.”

I hadn’t taken in the entirety of his face before this moment. Lips so full I’m jealous rest on a square jaw with a jutting chin. His nose is curved, long, and distinct like the rest of him. Though his eyes are striking, they’re probably his smallest feature, almond shaped and cat-like. He towers above me like everyone else, the joys of being 5’1”, but his broad shoulders somehow make me feel more trapped than if he had just been tall.

“Look, if you leave this apartment looking like you do, you’re going to get arrested.”

“What?” he snarls.

Somehow that’s the most polite thing he’s said so far. “You’re going to be attacked if you leave, but we really need to talk about–” There’s a knock at my door. I freeze–more than freeze. Ice pumps through my veins. If I could shatter like a lake in March, I would.

Alexander calls through the door. “Minnie?”

Author Bio

Arin was born and raised along the American east coast and has called the city, the shore, and the country their home. They’ve come a long way from writing anime fanfiction in their bedroom and even have a BA in creative writing. When they’re not writing Arin enjoys playing tabletop games, drinking coffee, and collecting bits and bobbles. They currently live in Stephen King’s backyard with their partner, cat, and lizard.

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