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NEW RELEASE: grydscaen: Psycho Dive – Natsuya Uesugi

grydscaen: psycho dive - Natsuya Uesugi

QSFer Natsuya Uesugi has a new MM Dystopian cyberpunk book out (gay/bi): grydscaen: dsycho dive.

Infiltration, government control, social engineering, and smuggling fill this sci-fi manga graphic novel.

Author Natsuya Uesugi leads us into a post-apocalyptic, gritty future where the Newsfeed is always on, there are book burnings in the street, and thought crime gets you arrested.

This short manga is bursting cover to cover with dynamic illustrations of the hacker team that seeks to fight back against the government, founded by Faid Callen of the Hacker Revolution.

When Faid discovers a conspiracy threatening to rip society apart at the seams, teenager hacker ROM is sent to investigate, infiltrating SenseNet only to discover a web of thought crimes.

The very city could be destroyed as the riveting manga plays out in a new, anti-government world as the hackers and targeted psychics fight for the redemption of society.

A great, comprehensive for fans of Hollywood Book Festival award-winning sci-fi novel grydscaen: dark, this sequel tells the story of the psychic revolution that delves deep into the hacker underbelly in this fast-paced, cuttingly illustrated cyber thriller.

grydscaen: psycho dive asks the ultimate question:

How close are we to the total annihilation of society and technology when the two intersect?

Readers new to manga, sci-fi, fantasy, and graphic novels will find themselves thrown into the harrowing world of grydscaen as Uesugi reveals a society fighting against injustice.

This book comes loaded with extras, including links to the author and illustrator’s social media accounts and websites where more content can be found!

Step through the pages and join the Revolution.

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Kaizen approached, Newsfeed lies assaulting his ears, anti-psychic Thought Crime propaganda ringing out blasting through the streets as he snuck up on his target stopping in the middle of the dank alley.

Voice pitched assaulting, Kaizen spewed threat viscous like artillery fire.

“Faid Callen, Cyberterrorist Leader of the Packrat Hackers. Violating curfew?”

Faid confronte stopping dead holding his ground as kaizen pushed.

“Still rebelling against the government?”

Faid smirked snickering pinching his fingers, eyebrow twitching as he dug his black painted nails into the wrestled hilt of his Packrat knife,

“Got nothing to say to a hacker turned hired killer.”

“You just jealous I don’t have a Zone Police Shoot to Kill order on my head like you do.”

“ZenZen’s lapdog barking orders on command. Honoured he sent you to kill me. What, he scared of me? CEO of the SenseNet, milions of credits and accolades, powered investors can’t control a group of renegade hackers?”

Kaizen snarled. “Killing the leader of the Hacker Revolution will be a pleasure. Bet the Newsfeed will even broadcast it live.”

Smug, Faid chuckled. “Tempting coming from Kaizen the Immaculate, first Level 9 Hacker recognized by the Elite government. But I have something else in mind. Owe you some payback….”

“Why Faid, you were thinking about me. I’m flattered…”

Author Bio

Natsuya Uesugi is an award-winning cyberpunk author, yaoi manga artist, computer geek and former white hat hacker with an MBA in International Management, BA in Literature with minor in Japanese, and diploma from Music School. He studied animation and game design in Art School and illustrates all his works traditionally with pencil, paper and ink creating immersive worlds inspired by his muse a fae verte who lives in an antique WWII correspondant’s typewriter. He is creator of the anime-inspired techno-thriller series “grydscaen” compared to Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, and Total Recall, the yaoi novellas and BL manga “graphic noiz,” and the dark fantasy trilogy “The Seer of Grace and Fire.” He is also author of the Radically Authentic Bible Study Series. Natsuya strives to write stories showcasing immersive worlds bringing visibility by featuring diverse characters who dare to live their authentic truth. Check us out online at: |

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