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NEW RELEASE: Moonrise Academy: The Headmaster – Wendy Rathbone

Moonrise Academy: The Headmaster - Wendy Rathbone

QSFer Wendy Rathbone has a new MM omegaverse book out, Academy Shifters book 1: Moonrise Academy: The Headmaster.

An omega student who cannot control his heats. An alpha headmaster with a secret.

At Moonrise Academy, a private college for wolf shifters, it is Headmaster Julian Tett’s job to ensure the safety of his students. When one student manifests a condition called souperomega, he takes a special interest in the case.

Toby’s rare disorder causes him to have out of control heats. When the dreamy headmaster half the students have a crush on shows his protective side, both realize something more is happening between them.

Sparks fly, but there’s a problem. Teacher/student fraternization is against school policy. If they allow nature to take its course, Julian could be fired and Toby could face expulsion. Added to that, Toby contends with unwanted attention from another student, which puts him in possible danger.

MM romance, wolf shifter omegaverse, student/teacher, rescue, age gap, hurt/comfort, super-heats, fated mates, mpreg, HEA.

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“Mr. Camden, the headmaster will see you now.”

“Thanks.” I stood quickly, shuffling my backpack over the inside of my left elbow.

I followed the guy into a main reception area which was a room filled with desks. We came to a white door at the far end of the room. The deputy knocked.

“Come.” The voice inside was familiar. All his speeches had been mesmerizing, not because of what he said, but because of that tone.

The assistant opened the door wide, motioning me in. “Toby Camden, sir. I’ll be outside if you need me.”

I took a step into the room, glancing around. I was not sure what I expected, but the office was clean and well-lit, and a picture window on the south side contained a breathtaking view of the valley.

The door behind me closed with a bang and I jumped.

Headmaster Tett stood immediately. “No need to be nervous. Come and sit, Mr. Camden.”

“Thank you, sir.” My voice came out weak. I gritted my teeth.

Two black leather chairs had been placed in front of the big desk. I sat, feeling myself sink into the softness. I let my backpack fall to my feet. Immediately, my anxiety eased. I was able to face Tett without my own tension fogging my mind.

I’d never really been in proximity to the headmaster closer than about fifty feet. Now, barely six feet away, he stood in his formal attire, clothing perfect, shirt whiter than white, bowtie straight, not a wrinkle anywhere to be found.

His face looked smooth and tan with a firm jaw, and his eyes, when they met mine, were a deep golden brown. Most wolves had dark brown eyes, though some, like me, had pale blue. We spanned all hues, but Tett was different. I wondered if his pelt was gold like his eyes or dark brown like his hair.

The beauty of him put me off for a second. I agreed with my friends who had called him dreamy even more now. He looked far too young to be a headmaster.

“Thank you for coming, Mr. Camden,” he began.

“It’s, uh, Toby.”

The edges of his mouth lifted. He leaned against the front edge of his desk. “All right. Toby.”

Hearing him say my name—I thought it would break the ice. Instead, my tension returned doubled. His tone resonating against the syllables of Toby was like honey and echoing wind and a hint of fire all mixed together. It was weird, as if my body heard him say my given name before my mind could catch up.

I shuddered all the way down to my toes. It wasn’t fear, but something else.

My heart seemed to stop, then start again. My body prickled and I was suddenly terrified my heat might not have completely abated.

Author Bio

Wendy Rathbone lives in Yucca Valley, CA and is a voracious reader. When not reading, Wendy writes her own stories in the gay romance genre. She loves to create slightly dark fantasy and sci fi scenarios where romance blooms, and lately her fantasy stories have led to omegaverse worlds exploring, among other things, unequal rights between alphas and omegas. Her newest series involves wolf shifters.

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