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New Release: The Demon and the Librarian – Chloe Archer

The Demon and the Librarian - Chloe Archer

QSFer Chloe Archer has a new cozy MM paranormal book out, A Monsters Hollow prequel: The Demon and the Librarian.


Accidentally summoning a sexy demon at work totally isn’t my fault. It’s because of that new addictive soap opera, The Young and the Monstrous, I tell you! They just had to introduce a new mega-hot demon character, so of course I needed to do some research! But my insatiable librarian curiosity has gotten me into hot water, because now I’m magically shackled to a demon who claims he’s my mate. That can’t be a real thing, right? It’s got to be some kind of demon trick…


Being summoned is every demon’s fantasy. Some wait centuries for the momentous occasion. At barely two hundred years of age, I get my lucky day! The Interdimensional Gong of Demonic Destiny rings for little ole me! Wooing Yuki should be a walk in the park, but my trusty seductive wiles aren’t working on my prickly mate—and the clock is ticking. I only have two weeks to convince him to accept our bond or it will be permanently severed. My work is cut out for me, but I’ll do whatever it takes to sneak into his heart.

The Demon and the Librarian: A Cozy M/M Monster Romance is a 30k novella in the Monsters Hollow universe featuring: a dapper demon dandy with a penchant for fine clothing, a far too curious librarian, a summoning involving dirty limericks, a holy water fail, food as the way to any being’s heart, forced proximity, fated mates, and an HEA ending. *Previously published in the Fated Mates MM Paranormal Romance charity anthology of 2023.

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Hot. Motherfucking. Damn.

Apparently, all demons are unfairly gorgeous.

He’s dressed in a black, finely tailored suit that gleams in the light like satin. It fits his powerful body like a glove. A white, ruffled dress shirt from another era—or perhaps I should say dimension—complete with a crimson-colored brocade waistcoat, and a pair of elegant red wingtip shoes round out the look. The demon’s long, dark hair falls well past his shoulders in thick, silky strands, and his gold-colored eyes are framed by lush, sooty lashes that would have made silent cinema legend Rudolph Valentino weep with envy. His complexion is a warm, caramel color and his face is a surprising but sexy mix of high, angular cheekbones and a hard, square jawline, combined with plush, biteable red lips and large, doe-like eyes that look naturally rimmed with kohl.

When he grins, I detect a hint of fang that makes me gulp while my traitorous cock decides to perk up in my jeans.

Not good! Not good!

The demon strolls toward me with a look of burning purpose in his otherworldly eyes.

I swallow again and begin backing away.

The demon seems to like that because his grin grows wider.

Fuckity fuck, fuck, fuck!

I notice that he’s using, with an insouciant flair, a rather debonair cane as he prowls after me, in a way that suggests it’s more of a fashion accessory than an ambulatory necessity. All he’s missing is a damn top hat. Then he’d well and truly be the epitome of a demon dandy.

Oscar Wilde, eat your heart out!

Although I suspect the impressive black, ram-like horns on his head might make wearing a top hat rather challenging.

The thought surprises a nervous laugh from my lips before I stumble against a wall, realizing too late that I’ve backed up as far as I can go.

The dashing demon crowds in close, leaning down to sniff me like a weirdo. When he pulls back, his gold eyes seem to spark like the embers of a banked fire kindled to life again. “I should have known my mate would be such an utterly delectable morsel.”

His voice is deep and resonant but also surprisingly posh and British. Is that a thing with demons? I must check with my forum friends. Honestly, deep down, I think I expected him to sound more Cockney, like Crowley on Supernatural. Between the voice and the clothes, this demon could be a damn aristocrat.

It should annoy me, but fucking hell, it turns me on.



“Mate? The fuck you say?”

He licks his tempting lips. “Darling, I am your mate, Kassiel. Enchanté.”

Author Bio

Chloe Archer writes M/M sci-fi and paranormal rom coms with laugh out loud humor because she’s all about bringing the funny-sexy back. Oh, yeah!

She currently call Minnesota home, but has lived abroad in places like Montreal, Edinburgh, and Tokyo. She’s hoping to relocate to Scotland permanently in the next few years if the stars align.

Chloe is a fur mama to two adorable Yorkies, Jasper and Teddy, and she loves them in a crazy dog mama kind of way. When she isn’t busy writing, she enjoys visiting friends and family, traveling, reading, binge watching movies and TV shows, and practicing her karaoke skills. She does a mean cover of Pat Benatar and Cher, or so she’s been told.

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