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#OWNVOICES: Transgender, Gender Fluid, Non-Conforming & Non-Binary

We’re starting a new thing on Saturdays on the QSF Facebook group – #ownvoices. Each week, we’ll feature a different group of writers who don’t get the attention they should.

Today, we’re featuring trans, non-conforming, gender fluid and non-binary authors who write similar characters. #ownvoices

If you’re an enby, gender fluid or non-conforming spec fic author, tell us about yourself, your experiences author, and the books you write (especially those with similar characters – with links, please).

If you’re not, you can still participate – share your favorite enby, gender fluid or non-conforming spec fic author authors and their works that include those characters.

Note: This is NOT a chat to list any work that includes an enby, non-conforming or gender fluid character. All linked titles should be written by those authors.

Please treat each other with respect in this chat. If you see a post which doesn’t seem to fit the spirit of this #ownvoice chat, please let me or Angel Martinez or Ben Brock or Ryane Chatman know so we can contact them and gently let them know. :)


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2 thoughts on “#OWNVOICES: Transgender, Gender Fluid, Non-Conforming & Non-Binary”

  1. Enby. Ace. Lived 53 years looking for who I am, how I identify. Trying to get comfortable in my own skin. Wanting to fit in but knowing I probably don’t…because YOU KNOW… issues in believing in myself. Always been called a freak so it’s hard to let that go. It protects me in a way.

    But yeah books, I haven’t written any Enby Ace character yet because I’m afraid I’m somehow NOT ENOUGH. Like I’m new at this self-identification so how could I possibly represent, if that makes sense. I mean I know MY story but surely that’s not interesting…defying death several times, letting myself be abducted not once but twice (and believing I actually was at fault not the men who took me) and falling in love with a total controlling monster and having two great kids with him, staging an escape from him… yeah nobody would want to hear my crazy life.
    Yes there is a book started with a character arc based on my life. It’s somewhere on this damn computer somewhere. I gotta pray the thing will reboot kindly. Anyway, do you think I should just toss it out there (the book, not my computer) under my current sci fi pen or under something else?

    • Your life seems like it has been very dramatic, I have a feeling it would make an awesome story. You could make the setting science fiction even though the events it’s based on is contemporary. If you want.

      It took me a long time to figure out what I was too. It’s hard, when a parent and culture around you expresses anything different as unnatural so vehemently. It made me repress parts of myself for a very long time. And that is rarely healthy.


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