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Privacy in Telepathic Societies

TelepathyToday’s topic comes from QSFer Kethric Wilcox:

The issue of privacy in telepathic societies, do you prefer the open invasion style of Star Trek’s Betazoid style telepaths or the regimented only with a contract and permission style of Babylon 5’s PsiCorps style or is their a happy middle ground between the two?

Oooh, I like this one. My husband Mark and I aren’t telepathic, but we are together 99% of the time (by virtue of working together at home on our own business). And as such, there’s not a lot of privacy, but it works for us.

But imagine if your husband, wife, boyfriend, etc could “hear” your every thought? What would that do to society? To individual relationships? Would people figure out a way to lie or hide their thoughts? Or would it result in a more open, better society? Or…?

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