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Promotions Week: Social Media and Reviews

Promotions Week

It’s time for another theme week at Queer Sci Fi. This time around, we’re talking promo. :)

Here are our topics for the week:

Promotions Week: Where to Get Started – making a schedule
Promotions Week: What to include – Guest Post vs. Announcement vs. Cover Reveal
Promotions Week: Keywords and Categories
Promotions Week: Social Media and Reviews
Promotions Week: Physical Promo Options
Promotions Week: Contests and Giveaways

Day Four:
Social Media and Reviews

Today we’ll tackle a couple more aspects of online promotion – social media and reviews.

Social media has taken on an increasing share of overall web traffic, and consequently has become a big part of online book promotion. QSF here on Facebook is a clear example of the trend. But there are many other social media outlets, and each one has opportunities for the author to promote, both free and paid.

Similarly, reviews, both formal ones by reviewers on blogs and websites and informal ones by readers on Amazon, Goodreads, and other places, have also become increasingly important in the internet age.

So my questions today: where and how should we be promoting our works on social media? What are some definite dont’s? And what seems to actually work?

For reviews – where should you send your book to be reviewed? How do you find good reviewers, or does your publisher handle that for you? And is it ever a good idea to engage a reader who has given your book a good or bad review?

Join the conversation here.

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