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Rabid Reader Recommendations — R3 Wednesdays!

WELCOME to Rabid Reader Recommendations, or R3 WEDNESDAYS! We host this discussion the first Wednesday of every month; it’s a great opportunity to recommend and discuss works you have enjoyed in queer speculative fiction.

For May’s R3, the theme is: Other World Sci Fi! (Sci Fi that takes place on other worlds besides Earth, or in another non-Earth universe.)



  • The works have to be QUILTBAG Speculative Fiction.
  • They have to be related to the theme.
  • This is a reader discussion. Don’t recommend your own works–get someone to do it for you!
  • Please include a Goodreads link or something comparable. You can create a new comment for each recommendation if you’d like.
  • Join the Facebook Group conversation: https://www.facebook.com/groups/qsfdiscussions/

If you have any questions, please consult Ben Brock, one of your QSF admins!

1 thought on “Rabid Reader Recommendations — R3 Wednesdays!”

  1. I highly recommend the book Oliris by S. Neff is a wonderful read. Set in the far future and partly on the planet Indiku, it’s a sweeping story with well-fleshed out characters, a new and singular premise, and plot pacing that leads a reader on to more delicious story.


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