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Refill the Reader Topics Bucket!

rainbow bucket

Hey all,

We’re almost out of reader topics, so we need your help. As readers, what would you like to talk about?

We’re looking for topics all across the LGBTIQA/QUILTBAG/Queer spectrum, and up and down the speculative fiction one – sci fi, fantasy, paranormal and horror, and all the various flavors too.

It can deal with fan fiction, reading, cons, characters, tropes you like and hate, stories you’d like to see, and much much more.

We’ll do another of these in a couple weeks for writer topics. For this one, lets concentrate on reader topics only.


1 thought on “Refill the Reader Topics Bucket!”

  1. I’d love to see more talks about anime, manga, yaoi, yuri, shounen ai, and shoujo ai. I’d also love to discuss history, how it affects world building, what particular times and places attract us, what we like to read about, a particular setting we enjoyed reading about, or what we wish someone would explore. Mythology would be an interesting subject, in general, or zero-ing in on Graeco Roman mythology, Norse mythology, Chinese, etc. Magic, as well as systems of magic, how we write magic, what types of magic appeal to us would be good subject, too. Symbols and archetypes, bringing them to life with a queer-centric feel could be interesting topic, too.


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