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REVIEW: Sub Zero – Angel Martinez

SubZero - Angel Martinez

Genre: Sci Fi, Romance

LGBTQ+ Category: MM Gay

Reviewer: Charlayne, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

Returning to the frozen planet Aren died on was bound to have complications…

A Science Fiction Mystery from Angel Martinez…

Major Aren Dalsgaard’s newest assignment is to investigate a series of murders on the frigid planet, Drass, where relations between the Treaty settlers and the indigenous inhabitants have taken a nasty turn. A linguist and trained xenologist, Major Dalsgaard should be the ideal Special Investigations Officer for this case, but Drass is where he died, over a hundred and twenty years ago.

Sent by his family to the chigyel city, Nyachung finds himself confronted with a murder charge, racial prejudice, and a man who claims to be a hero from his grandmother’s generation. The man could be crazy or he could be lying to manipulate Nyachung, but the sincerity in those spring-green eyes disturbs him more than anything else he’s encountered in the foreigners’ city.

Evidence that makes no sense, mysterious boxes, and a suspicion that they can’t trust anyone in the city drives the major and Nyachung together and out into the wilderness. No one’s telling Major Dalsgaard everything, but every step leads him closer to a feeling of imminent catastrophe if he can’t wrap this case up in time.

Publisher’s Note
This is the second edition of the story. The only changes made were edits.

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The Review

A hundred and twenty-three years ago Major Aren Dalsgaard died on Drass. That was the end of his story, everyone knew that Serpodom had died after his beloved Akarnyima the hunter had perished.

So, when the military pulls him out of cryo for a mission back to the planet where he died, it brought back all the memories. But he had work to do. A serial killer was loose and killing the humans at the Judiciary Outpost Six in New Stockholm on Dross. The humans were suspecting a member of the “goblins,” a derogatory name for the Dangpo, genetically engineered humans that the Andalusian Corporation had made and brought to the mining colony. When the mining stopped, the planet was abandoned, leaving the Dangpo to fend for themselves.

Aren, along with his assistant (and keeper) Sergeant Emma Wickstrom will have to solve the murders and find out what the black boxes around Nyachung’s community are while battling the overwhelming exhaustion Aren has from being yanked back to the living and his memories of his time with Akarnyima in his former life. Are the Dangpo killing humans or is something more sinister going on? 

I really enjoyed this book. It moved along well, not too much dwelling on the science but rather the story. The resurrection sickness that Aren feels had me sympathizing with him, that has to be hard. And the memories of his beloved begin to run into the relationship with young Nyachung. That romance is very well done. While this is rated “adult,” it’s not heavy on the sex, but rather the story and the lore of the Dangpo.

This is one of a series about the ESTO military group. I’m now going to have to go out and get the others, I enjoyed this one very much. Highly recommended. 

The Reviewer

I’m a mother of 4, a grandmother of 9, and married for 19 years to my Beloved husband. I was a technical writer for several years and have an associate’s degree in Technical Writing and a bachelor’s degree in History with a minor in English. I used to write technical training manuals for Compaq back in the day. I wrote the training manual for technical support department and I wrote the training manual for their very first handheld computer. I also have written a lot of magazine article writing over the years but I have never attempted a novel until now.

I love reading Paranormal Romance and I have started writing my own. I think I jumped not only into the deep end but I may have found the whirlpool in the deep end, the book is showing every sign of wanting to have sisters and brothers! And the most fun is that my 10 year old oldest granddaughter is working with me on parts of it. She helped me pick out the good guys and bad guys, and she has asked me the plot line and she wants me to tell her where I am on things when she sees me. She’s my cheering section.

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