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REVIEW: The Sea Monster’s Mate, by Delaney Rain

The Sea Monster's Mate

Title: The Sea Monster’s Mate

Author: Delaney Rain

Genre: Paranormal, Romance

LGBTQ+ Category: Gay MM

Publisher: Self

Pages: 154

Reviewer: Sharonica

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About The Book

With all we have been dealing with worldwide, THIS was such a sweet little escape from it all for me today. One would never know it, but this is Rain’s first story, and they did a smashing job creating a fantasy island with a gorgeous lagoon and an even more gorgeous couple to fill it.

Eric, the human in the story has fled his old life complete with dreadful family and exes in exchange for a lonely island existence. (At this moment I imagine a few of us wish we were on such an island) One day while swimming in the lagoon near his cabin he experiences a severe leg cramp and nearly drowns when he is suddenly rescued by a beautiful man with gorgeous blue eyes and strong…blue tentacles. Ehhh… See in real life this is where I would be thankful for the lagoon, because I would have just peed my pants, then politely fainted. BUT, not my story…NOT my strong blue tentacles (unfortunately😂).

Though Eric was a wee bit shocked by the tentacle bit, what shocked him more was the fact that Mr. Strong, Blue, and Tentacley (it’s a word-maybe), wanted Eric to mate with him and carry his, soon to be, pre-fertilized eggs, should Eric agree. Small FYI here, Mr. SBT’s name is Tyfodorus actually, or Ty for short, just for clarification’s sake. NOW, not too sure about you, but Mr. SBT  would need to at least buy me dinner first, complete with death by chocolate for dessert, before making such a request. Not Eric though, so I’m thinkin’ those blue eyes and tentacles musta’ held some mighty powerful mojo. Ya picking up what I’m laying down, people? **giggle…Mighty powerful indeed.

Of course, there is more to this quaint Lil story than just the steaMMy stuff with Mr. SBT. Delaney made this book a lot of fun, especially once there were kids around, and Ty’s extended family came into the picture. Eric learns there is life on other planets and about where Ty’s race came from. Eric and Ty also build a friendship as well as a romance, and it is clear in their playfulness and conversations.

There was so much joy and sweetness that I felt warm and happy in my soul while reading. I am delighted Delaney Rain is on the scene and I look forward to seeing what comes out of their wheelhouse.

So, if you need a good “PickMMeUp” this is good candy for your senses. A true delight!

4.50 found-my-paradise-with-you-stars🌟🌟🌟🌟•🌟

The Review

Eric Baird made the decision to abandon modern conveniences and his prejudiced family for a simple island life. He has a small cabin and a lagoon all to himself and, though he’s sometimes lonely, he’s mostly relieved that he can finally be free.

But one lazy afternoon swim takes a dangerous turn when a cramp has Eric struggling not to drown. Suddenly, someone saves him, and he’s ever so grateful…until he sees who it is.

Tyfodorus is a Cecaelia who has a rather human upper body and a definitely squid lower half. As if a mersquid in his lagoon isn’t enough to knock the socks off Eric, Ty lets him know they’re here to breed. Would Eric be the host to Ty’s six eggs? Pretty please?

Eric gets to know Ty and agrees, resulting in some amazing sex and six little highly intelligent, totally adorable hatchlings. As they adjust to living as a family in the lagoon, they also have to understand just how genetically compatible they are, deal with a shipwreck survivor, and make plans for their future together.

This 36,000-word/160-page book has a sweet and sexy instalove story with tentacles in naughty places, low angst, some mpreg-ish moments, and a bunch of cute alien babies with an HEA ending.

The Reviewer

These are always so hard so I will keep it simple: My four adult sons (28-21) call me Ma and Dragon Lady. Their ringtone ranges from the Imperial Death March to Stewie’s “Ma Mom Mommy.” Because of my disability, I am a hermit and stay inside and mostly  in very dim light, hence the nickname Dragon Lady. I read for therapy and am slowly getting back into my art, thanks to friends I have made in authordom and fandom.  If I had  one wish, it would be to see Ru Paul and Donald Trump in an MMA ring and the winner after answering questions on censorship of books in our libraries, LGBTQIA advocacy, national healthcare, and our troops and vets, being the next POTUS. 😁

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