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REVIEW: Undeniable Bonds – Kaje Harper

Undeniable Bonds - Kaje Harper

Genre: Paranormal, Romance

LGBTQ+ Category: Gay

Reviewer: Tony

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About The Book

Some bonds are strong enough to last a lifetime, and change the world.

Rory O’Sullivan has spent his life alone. Once upon a time, he made one real human connection as a gay man. That moment happened in Nazi captivity, and the wolf he escaped with was a Soviet soldier. They had a taste of what love might mean, but in 1944, personal happiness had to come second to survival.

Now, seventy years later, when he feels the presence of Nikolai, somehow close and needing him after all that time, no one— not gay Alpha Aaron of the Minneapolis West pack, or rising political threats, or even top Alpha Rick Brown himself— will stop him. Rory’s going to answer the appeal he’s waited a lifetime for. Some bonds can’t be denied.

This is a new novel in the Hidden Wolves series.

The Review

Undeniable Bonds is the sixth book in the Hidden Wolves series, and most of the characters from the earlier books make a welcome appearance of some sort. That being said, this is Aaron’s and Zach’s story, and also newcomers Rory’s and Nicholai’s story.

There are some heart rending moments ahead for the reader, and some mirroring of the nastier events of the last few years, not just in the USA but further afield as well. As the author admits at the front of the book, some of the events that take place here could be upsetting, but the story existed before they occurred

Undeniable Bonds was written in response to the way the world was turning at the time. I wished Harper was wrong, and that this was all fiction, but sadly she wasn’t.

This is a brilliant book, and an excellent final part to an enthralling series. Some of the consequences of wolves coming out are realised here, and not all of them are good.

Rory is a lone wolf who has to be brought into a pack for a number of reasons, and he’s not ready for it. He has been suffering for a long time – his own pack died fighting in WW2, he spent time in a Nazi prison and met his mate there, only to lose him after they escaped. His current mate, Nicholai or Kolya has an equally tortuous history and it is going to get substantially darker before the ending. At least the two old guys get there together.

It’s not going to be easy for Aaron and Zach, either, as they both have life-threatening experiences ahead of them. I would love them both more but for the dom and sub element to their relationship, but love them I do. Their relationship feels real, and I couldn’t help but smile and wish them a happy life beyond the end of this story.

The series is not an easy ride, but what a ride it is. Phew!

If I could give this one 6 stars, I would. If you like stories about werewolves, MM romance, lots of menace and villains of various sorts then this, and the whole Hidden Wolves series, is just what you’re looking for.

The Reviewer

Tony is an Englishman living amongst the Welsh and the Other Folk in the mountains of Wales. He lives with his partner of thirty-six years, four dogs, two ponies, various birds, and his bees. He is a retired lecturer and a writer of no renown but that doesn’t stop him enjoying what he used to think of as ‘sensible’ fantasy and sf. He’s surprised to find that if the story is well written and has likeable characters undergoing the trails of life, i.e. falling in love, falling out of love, having a bit of nooky (but not all the time), fending off foes, aliens and monsters, etc., he’ll be happy as a sandperson who has just offloaded a wagon of sand at the going market price. As long as there’s a story, he’s in. He aims to write fair and honest reviews. If he finds he is not the target reader he’ll move on. 


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