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REVIEW: Visions of Stars, by A.M. Burns & A.T. Weaver

Visions of Stars

Title: Visions Of Stars

Series: Shifter Force Book Three

Author: A. M. Burns, A. T. Weaver

Genre: LGBT Romance, Fantasy Crime Thriller

LGBTQ+ Category: MM Gay

Publisher: Mystichawker Press

Pages: 266

Reviewer: Madison

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About The Book

Stars are dying in the streets. 

Falling stars, that’s all his vision showed him, then his powers went on the fritz. For years Connor McGriffin, psychic cougar shifter has relied on his gift of prophecy to let him know where to go and who to save. But trapped in Los Angles, waiting for more information than just stars falling into the ocean, Connor is lost trying to help people, even himself and his team. 

Danny Lupan, former deputy sheriff, and current wolf shifter agent, has gotten used to following his partner Connor, trusting in his visions to lead them where they were needed.

When Connor’s visions become unreliable, Danny and the rest of the Shifter Force must fall back on detective training to lead them where they need to go to stop the person blackmailing closeted shifters who have dreams of stardom. 

Can Connor, Danny and the team find the clues and chase down the bad guys before more bodies show up? Things don’t always go the way they thought, and when a rising star crashes back to Earth, they may be too late. Connor hates being late for anything.

The action never stops in book three of the exciting Shifter Force series. Run the streets and beaches with the team, as they try to catch falling stars. 

The Review

Visions of Stars is the third and apparently last book in the ‘Shifter Force” series. From what I read the stories of strong psychic puma shifter Connor McGriffin and his boyfriend, partner and Shifter Force partner, wolf shifter Danny Lupan, were supposed to be a trilogy, which I find heartbreaking.

I read the entire series and would love to see it continued. In the second book, Connor and Danny get back up by their friend Lisa Collins as well as FBI Agent Moreau. The four law enforcement shifters are founding the Shifter Force, a group of shifters, working for shifters and protecting their species.

With the hate and distrust of humans towards the ones who can shift, they are not particularly loved, which makes it hard for them to work with local law enforcement already. With Connor’s impatience and way of commanding, rather than being cooperative and polite, it’s even harder to manage. Danny works with Connor as intense as he can, but McGriffin seems to be predestined to constantly snub the people they’re supposed to help and support the Shifter Force.

Occasionally they’re lucky and get powerful supporters, but most of the time, their work is extremely hard, even more since in this book, a very powerful Jaguar shifter demands a debt we know from book two. Doubly hard for the group, it becomes when the ‘target,’ a famous actress, refuses to work with them and welcome their protection. Instead, she feels strong and invulnerable and turns down the Shifter Force’s help. The fact that Connor McGriffin did not treat her in the expected polite and devout manner even drives her off. Thanks to Danny Lupan she does at least understand the situation she might be in, without actually admitting she needs them.

While stars are falling down and Connor’s talent and visions are blurred and disturbed, the Force tries their very best to do whatever they can to find the key to the horror…

The third book in the series is as interesting, thrilling, and well written as the two first books. I love the series and I would enjoy reading more of the Shifter Force if it was only possible.

I love the story – however, in my opinion, the covers of all three books leave much to be desired. But that is my personal taste and I won’t remove any stars for that.

The third book adds excitement and nail-biting puzzles, which I didn’t expect possible. Connor acts like a lunatic at times. He feels extremely frustrated with his visions being limited and his gift not working properly. Also, being a puma shifter, he is somewhat a loner and feels best in open land, fresh air, and nature. Their location in Hollywood makes him cranky and does not add to his well-being. At times I even thought… oh – no. You should read that for yourself. See how the Shifter Force does in book three.

The Reviewer

Madison Davis is a fantasy and paranormal romance author. She also works as a graphic designer and business strategy consultant. But her dream is to become a full-time writer. She enjoys the support of her friends and family and loves reading, traveling, and dancing. Madison lives in the South East with her husband, three cats, and a Rottweiler.

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