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Review: Wally, by Rowan Massey


Title: Wally

Series: Such a Colorful Feeling

Author: Rowan Massey

Genre: LGBTQ Dystopian Fiction

LGBTQ+ Category: Gay

Publisher: Self

Pages: 573

Reviewer: Gloria, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

Most people thought our drug made us into freaks, but I say it made us happier than any other bunch of freaks in the world.

Part of the town of Emporium’s homeless since he was twelve and a drug addict just as long, fifteen-year-old Wally spends his days barely surviving, and his nights dancing while high and blood-soaked.

When a new dealer shows up in place of their old one, Wally is immediately attracted and finds himself with the possibility of his first boyfriend. On the same night, the man he knows as Doc asks him if he’d like a job in a research lab.

The money is good, his new romance is developing quickly, and everything in life seems better than ever, but the new people in his life will bring more chaos into his world than he ever could have imagined. There are changes and dangers around every corner, war is brewing in Emporium, and Wally is torn in two directions while wanting only peace for those he loves.

The Review

*author note.. This is a dark series that doesn’t hold back on the tragedy. You have been warned. Although other books in this series fit the romance genre, this one does not. None of them can be read as a stand-alone novel.

As the review chair for a book guild, we get submissions from many authors. My reviewers get to pick what they wish and can return if they feel uncomfortable with any book. Some see triggers, some worry after reading the blurb.  I on the other hand read everything and thank goodness for that!  If that had been the case I would have missed something very special.

Rowan Massy has written a very special series, Such a Colorful Feeling. I decided to review Wally  and I realized there might be a previous book.  That being said, it did not interfere with my understanding of this book ….I have just purchased Book #1  and will review as well……..and after that I am anxious to read #3. 

Most people thought our drug made us into freaks, but I say it made us happier than any other bunch of freaks in the world.’ 

At 12ish, Wally has lived on the streets of a place called Emporium. He has been addicted to drugs at that young age. This hard hitting story is told by Wally, we see life through his eyes, as he lives from hand to mouth by day, and earns money just to pay for the pill that allows him to dance in a field at night with his friends.

Wally who won’t divulge his last name to anyone is now 15. Has a best friend, like a brother, who shares this agony. We are taken into this story to start to see this sweet boy start to become and have hope. Remember the authors warning, this was stark, hard to not squirm, to rejoice… cry !

I am so glad my peeps were chicken to take this book on…Wonderful Book!

Five Stars.

The Reviewer

I am Gloria Lakritz/ aka grammy, and I am the Chairperson and Senior Reviewer for the The Paranormal Romance Guild. I am a reader of all genres and I love everything written. My excitement a few years ago, in meeting a group of Small Published and Indie writers on Amazon, had put me on a course to have them form a group for the benefit of their field. Here we are today, a little over 1 yr old and 50 strong. I am proud of them, and I think that we can grow and help all who dare to dream!!!

In my spare time, I am the President of a Financial Services Company, ENG Financial Corp, with 3 full service brokers. I have lived and worked in New Port Richey, Fl since 1989 and am the Proud Mother of two daughters and Prouder Grandmother of 4 grandchildren.

I am a Member of West Pasco Chamber of Commerce, A Woman in Philanthrophy for Morton Plant Hospitals, a Board Member for the PTA of Cypress Elementary School, Chair Captain for the Cancer Relay of New Port Richey’s Relay for Life, and Treasurer for the Paranormal Romance Guild. 

The Paranormal Romance Guild was established in 2009 by 8 Indie Authors and one Reviewer to be a constant help for authors. You can be a free author member, submitting your work for review OR become a Premium Author Member for a small yearly fee and enjoy many extra services including Free Beta Reads, Author Giveaways and many others. Your reviews are posted on our 3 FB Sites, Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter and Instagram. WE REVIEW ALL GENRES LGBTQ+ welcome.

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