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REVIEW: Witch Under Wraps – E.J. Russell

Witch Under Wraps

Genre: Paranormal, Humor, Romance

LGBTQ+ Category: MM Gay

Reviewer: Madison, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

When supernatural secrets collide, it’ll take more than coffee to brew the perfect love.

When Ky Hernández bonded with his familiar, Zuri, his life changed forever. Their connection turned him into a practicing witch and led him to his calling as a medimagical professional. However, it totally tanked his love life—what guy would settle for eternal second place behind a parrot? So Ky keeps his witchy nature under wraps and sticks to hookups with humans, which can never go anywhere. But the mouthwatering barista at the coffee shop next door makes him thirst for more than a caffeine fix.

The charms Ewan Jones uses to appear human are inconvenient, disorienting, and . . . necessary. Ewan and his siblings are achubyddion, metaphysical healers whose powers are coveted by unscrupulous supernatural beings. And let’s face it: all supes are unscrupulous, given the right incentive. He’s grateful for the protections that hide his little family, and for the barista job that keeps them housed and fed. He’s just so lonely. And his regular, Ky, the super-hot, commitment-averse EMT, seems like the perfect candidate for a one-night shot at intimacy. After all, humans are no threat.

It takes a clumsy coffee shop intern, a mysterious werewolf epidemic, and one snarky parrot to unravel their pasts—and give them a chance at a future.

The Review

Witch under Wraps is the second book in the Mythmatched series. I had no opportunity to read the first book, Howling on Hold. While I read Witch under Wraps, I had wished sometimes I had read the first one to recognize some of the characters who seemed to blend into the story perfectly, while to me, they were unknown. One of those characters is Jordan, an unforgettable character who leads through the book with incredible strength.

Ky and Ewan are the protagonists in this book. Ky is an EMT at an unusual hospital, where the patients are supernatural creatures. He’s also a magically talented healer, just like Ewan. Ewan is not a witch, as Ky is. He belongs to a species with natural healing abilities. Since other supernatural creatures have used that species, Ewan instead keeps pretending to be human than to tell too much about himself. Ky hides his witch part as well, and they both meet on a ‘human level,’ where they felt their attraction to each other right away. 

They get distracted from their romance by a mysterious illness that attacks the werewolf community and threatens to spread to other supernatural creatures. The danger of this disease leads to revealing some of Ky’s and Ewan’s hiding points. I liked how they still tried to keep up with their romance, even though the story went in another direction.

I like both characters, but admit, in this book Jordan, to me, is a ‘side-character’ that almost took over the story with his focus and strength, and he’s clearly my favorite.

There are some wonderfully romantic scenes in this book, and I love the author’s talent and writing style. But at one point, there’s no denying that the romance between Ky and Ewan lost on the ground within the story.

I wish I had read ‘Howling on Hold’ first; it would have given me a bit more insight into the nature of some of the characters. But I have to say I enjoyed the story enormously, and it was a fun and light read. I don’t doubt that many fans of LGBT Fantasy will adore this series.

Four stars.

The Reviewer

Madison Davis is a fantasy and paranormal romance author. She also works as a graphic designer and business strategy consultant. But her dream is to become a full-time writer. She enjoys the support of her friends and family and loves reading, traveling, and dancing. Madison lives in the South East with her husband, three cats, and a Rottweiler.

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