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Ridiculous Reads

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Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Ryane Chatman:

What are your favorite completely ridiculous reads and why?

I have some reads that are just so implausible and ridiculous, but I love them anyway. Random new characters, events props, anything that makes you raise an eyebrow or even laugh.

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1 thought on “Ridiculous Reads”

  1. A silly book called ‘Gay Lord of the Orchs’ immediately comes to mind. I just don’t get humorous porn. It’s like fat-free ice cream. Pointless, yet potentially enjoyable if you don’t think too much. And there’s that dinosaur alpha boss series (maybe the same author?) that is too silly for words. On the mainstream side I’d have to include anything by Judith Krantz -my guilty high school pleasure! Back to scifi. Hmm … Congo by Michael Crichton. LOVED that book – but so much of it ranked way up there on the ridiculous scale.


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