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Science: How Long Will the Zombie Apocalypse Last?

zombie - pixabay

Life with zombies wouldn’t last long. A new study concludes that ravening zombie hordes would reduce Earth’s population to no more than 200 survivors within 100 days.

The research, published in the University of Leicester’s peer-reviewed Journal of Physics Special Topics, is a tongue-in-cheek analysis by physics students of a mathematical model that predicts the spread of disease. But in the model, zombies serve a deadly serious function: to simulate how quickly a virus could wipe out the planet.

The model divides the population into three categories: those susceptible to the infection, those infected, and those who have either died or recovered. The model then considers the rates at which infections spread as individuals in the population come into contact with each other.

By Mary Papenfuss – Full Story at The Huffington Post

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