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SCIENCE: If Spiders Ate Humans…

jumping spider - pixabay
Jumping Spider – the Stuff of My Nightmares

Spiders ― those eight-legged, hairy, creepy-crawling, poison-fanged, silk-spinning arachnids ― are often the stuff that nightmares and horror movies are made of.

Spiders primarily eat insects, with the exception of some larger spider species that have hearty appetites for a good lizard or bird or small mammal. But Washington Post reporter Christopher Ingrahamexplored a disturbingly intriguing dilemma this week ― if spiders ate human beings, how many would they eat?

The matter came up because earlier this month, European biologists Martin Nyffeler and Klaus Birkhofer published a paper in the journal Science of Nature, estimating the total weight of prey consumed by spiders as a group.

By Lee Speigel – Full Story at the Huffington Post

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