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SCIENCE: Penis Transplant Surgery Could Soon Become a reality

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Man in jeans put his arm on groin

The doctor that has pioneered penis transplant surgery believes that soon it will become possible to operate a successful transplant.

“This would be a quantum leap if you were able to transplant a real penile structure. It’s certainly pushing the boundaries,” plastic surgeon Curtis Cetrulo, M.D. told MedPage Today.

“We’re ready to do it, and we could do it pretty soon if we get it approved,” the Boston doctor claimed.

Cetrulo, who works at Massachusetts General Hospital, was the first to complete a successful penis surgery in 2016. Now he has to convince the medical community and hospital administration that it can be done.

Attempting the procedure on a transgender man would be its first use on a person with a non-penile reproductive system. The procedure is fairly new, with no established guidelines or standards and only done in the U.S. and South Africa.

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