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SCIENCE: What Will Humans Be Like in a Thousand Years?

Humans in 1000 Years

TechInsider tackled the question, and found that humans will probably incorporate more bionic parts, be taller, and may finally crack the secret to immortality.

And after all that time, we will likely be even closer to our machines, if we don’t destroy the planet and ourselves first.

By Rob Ludacer and Jessica Orwig – Full Story at SOURCE

1 thought on “SCIENCE: What Will Humans Be Like in a Thousand Years?”

  1. We first of all need to survive massive planetary over population, resources exhaustion, global warming and political leaders like Donald Trump to even have much of a future long term. Then, considering the percentage of our economy currently being spent on health care, can we afford extended life and implanted prosthetic devices to correct joints wearing out, etc? Imagine the development of immortality. To me it could be a total disaster as most innovations come from the young and with immortality they have to virtually vanish. Older folks tend to be conservative and opposed to change so the society would undergo profound changes. Be burned at the stake for being an innovator?


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