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Setting Off on a New Adventure With Old Friends

New AdventureI’m starting off on what’s sort of a re-write and sort of a re-imagining of a WIP I’ve had around for a long time.

First, a little history. I started writing Oberon back in the nineties, It was my first attempt to really merge my gay identity with my love for sci fi, and I got maybe five scenes in before I left it to sit on the shelf, along with the rest of my writing career.

Fast-forward to last year. I’d picked up my writing again after a decade’s hiatus, and came across this interesting little bit of a story that started off with an enticing sex scene and laid out many questions to which I’d either never had or had forgotten the answers. For instance:

–Why is the world called Oberon?
–Why is it only half a world?
–Why do some characters have wings?
–And what the hell is a werevere?

So I picked up the story again, and started writing, and have added to it bit by bit over the last few months.

As many of my stories do, this one wanted to become a novel, I’ve become more adept at nipping that impulse in the bud when what I need is a short story to sell.

But there was something special about this one.

I’d gotten about 12,000 words in when I set it aside again for a few months to work on some other projects – mainly short stories to submit to various anthologies. But now, all of a sudden, my deck is cleared.

And now, impatient as it is, my little Oberon story wants to become a trilogy.

So I’m throwing caution to the wind and ploughing ahead. It won’t be easy. I was stumped for a couple weeks on where to take the story ion the longer format I planned. But then several events conspired to shine a light on my path.

So here I am, setting off on a new adventure with these characters who I have worked with before.

Do you enjoy coming back again to familiar characters, whether it’s for a re-imagining of a current WIP or for a sequel to a previous one?


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