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Sources of Inspiration: Wonder

Wonder has always been the key to my heart for science fiction, fantasy, magic, and even horror to enter. The wonder of flying on a dragon’s back to reach a castle floating in the sky. The wonder of seeing the Earth and other planets in space. The wonder of imagining the energy rising from within me and how it might manifest, although this feeling could turn into horror, depending upon the manifestation. 

I couldn’t live without these wonders. At the same time, I’m constantly rediscovering are the wonders which exist in everyday life, wonders which can seem quite magical. There’s wonder in seeing a flower in full bloom, or the light of the setting sun sparkling upon water while the sky changes color. There’s wonder in meeting someone I simply like and can speak to with ease, even though neither of us are sure why. 

There’s a story locked in every moment of wonder, waiting to be expressed. Whether I find the wonder in a fantastic world or our own. 

Too often I’ve been disillusioned by the events and changes in the world around me. It makes me want to escape into another, but perhaps I can also explore it, see it from a different angle.

I keep remembering how the Doctor in Doctor Who and Lestat in The Vampire Lestat responded to my world. They saw wonders in places I completely missed. The Doctor had traveled through time and space, yet he said there was no such thing as an ordinary human being. Lestat saw goodness, innocence, and progress in a world I thought was slowly decaying. It was refreshing and touching to view my surroundings again through their eyes. 

How about you, dear reader? Have your characters rediscovered wonders in this world? Or have they found them on other words? What wonders have they uncovered? 

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