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SPACE: Multiplanet System Around Sunlike Star Photographed For First Time

multiplanet system - ESO

For the first time ever, astronomers have directly imaged multiple planets orbiting a sunlike star.

The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile photographed two giant planets circling TYC 8998-760-1, a very young analogue of our own sun that lies about 300 light-years from Earth, a new study reports.

“This discovery is a snapshot of an environment that is very similar to our solar system, but at a much earlier stage of its evolution,” study lead author Alexander Bohn, a doctoral student at Leiden University in the Netherlands, said in a statement.

Before this historic cosmic portrait, only two multiplanet systems had ever been directly imaged, and neither of them features a sunlike star, study team members said. And snapping a photo of even a single exoplanet remains a rare achievement.

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1 thought on “SPACE: Multiplanet System Around Sunlike Star Photographed For First Time”

  1. I cannot imagine something ‘light years’ away.
    It is totally beyond my comprehension.
    Fascinating…just ‘How?’


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