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“Spirit Sanguine” by Lou Harper

17279839Genre: MM Paranormal

Length: Novel


GABE LEAVES eastern Europe to return to his old stomping grounds in Chicago USA, and to rough up some vamps, like the good slayer he is. Fortunately, before he can make too much of an ass out of himself, he stumbles upon Harvey, an understanding vegetarian vampire, who explains to Gabe that not only are his ideas of vampires old fashioned, but they’ll get him in trouble in both the human and vampire community. Gabe isn’t sure what to make of that, but he tentatively accepts Harvey’s offer of friendship, and lurks around him, slightly mystified by the normal-seeming vampire and his mundane ways. Harvey shares what he can about his species, and the two pussy-foot closer and closer to one another, until they finally tumble into bed. Poor Gabe isn’t certain if he’s got the hots for the vampire because of how taboo it is to fuck him, or if there’s something more.

Harvey’s been dead a while, and he knows what he wants from life, but has pretty much given up on ever getting it. When Gabe starts to show an interest, Harvey tries to be patient, to let him work through it, but the two may not have that luxury as the vampire and human worlds violently collide.

When I glanced at the blurb, my first thought was, “Oh no. Not another vampire book.” I couldn’t have been more wrong. One, this is definitely not another vampire book. Who ever heard of a vegetarian vampire? Well, now I have. And two, there wasn’t anything to be disappointed about. I was so glad I read this. Not only was it unique, but it was heartfelt and sexy as hell. Harper mastered the slow burn, and I couldn’t wait for the two protagonists to get their pants around their ankles. It was kinky and awesome (there’s biting and role-playing!). Hoo boy.

And there’s adventure. First we have Gabe hyperventilating over vampires roaming the city, not being staked or anything, and then we have him freaking out over Harvey, who is looking more and more appealing by the minute, fangs and all. Then we’re thrust into a vampire mob show-down, and if that’s not dangerous or thrilling enough, both Harvey’s and Gabe’s demons come back to haunt them. Wow. What a ride. You gotta read this!

Lou Harper is fast becoming a favorite author. Harper also wrote “One Hex Too Many”, a short story in the Charmed and Dangerous anthology by JCP Books LLC, about two arcane detectives, Fox and Mulligan, who probably shouldn’t be interested in each other, for many reasons, but finally fail at keeping their paws to themselves.

That review here: Charmed and Dangerous

Harper’s website:

B. A. Brock is a reviewer for DSP and QSF. He enjoys reading, writing, running, family and food, and fills his life with bent bunk. He especially loves to discuss LGBTQ+ literature. His website is You can find him on Goodreads:


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