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Supergirl to Get Lesbian Cop

Floriana Lima

The CW is adding a new character to the next season of Supergirl. She’s a cop, she’s hot, and she was engaged to Batwoman.

The Hollywood Reporter reported Wednesday that the CBS-turned-CW superhero series about Superman’s cousin Kara Zo-Rel has hired Floriana Lima to play Maggie Sawyer on the show’s sophomore season.

In the comic book world, Maggie Sawyer first appeared in 1987 as a captain of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit where she was a highly skilled member of the Science Police, the division of the police department that deals with metahumans. In Supergirl, Maggie will be a detective working for the National City Police Department in cases involving aliens.

Maggie Sawyer has also appeared in the Batman series of comic books, where she made LGBT history by taking part in the first lesbian engagement in a mainstream comic book in 2013.

By Muri Assuncao – Full Story at Towleroad.com

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