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ANNOUNCEMENT: Resilience, by Fletcher DeLancey


QSFer Fletcher DeLancey has a new FF sci fi book out, book seven in her Chronicles of Alsea series: Resilience. As the first Alsean to serve aboard a Protectorate warship, Rahel Sayana thought her empathic sense would be an advantage. She never imagined it could be a weakness. Captain Ekatya Serrado has her hands full with a new empathic officer, an attempted murder, and a missing cargo ship. Finding the lost ship only adds to her problems: its crew lies dead amid signs of alien predators. When those signs appear on her own ship, she must find a solution or … Read more

Announcement: Catalyst, by Fletcher DeLancey


QSFer Fletcher DeLancey has a new FF sci fi book book out: After disobeying orders and saving the planet of Alsea from invasion, Captain Ekatya Serrado returns home a hero and renegade, alongside Dr. Lhyn Rivers, now the foremost authority on a culture that fascinates and terrifies. They share a secret: they are tyrees, linked by an Alsean empathic bond that should be biologically impossible for two Gaians. The secret could cost Ekatya her career, but when both women are drawn into a high stakes political game, their tyree bond may be all that stands between them and the dangerous … Read more

Announcement: Vellmar the Blade, by Fletcher DeLancey

Vellmar The Blade

QSFer Fletcher DeLancey has a new FF sci fi novella out: An elite warrior. A split-second decision that launches a legend. Lead Guard Fianna Vellmar is the daughter of a champion, raised from childhood to work hard and be the very best. When she is given the opportunity to compete at the highest level and earn her place among Alsea’s elite warriors, a stunning turn of events forces her to choose between life and glory, mercy and pride. Vellmar became a legend not for winning a championship, but for losing it. With Vellmar the Blade, Fletcher DeLancey has created another strong … Read more

Announcement: The Caphenon, by Fletcher DeLancey

The Caphenon, by Fletcher DeLancey

QSFer Fletcher DeLancey has a new sci fi book coming out in two weeks: On a summer night like any other, an emergency call sounds in the quarters of Andira Tal, Lancer of Alsea. The news is shocking: not only is there other intelligent life in the universe, but it’s landing on the planet right now. Tal leads the first responding team and ends up rescuing aliens who have a frightening story to tell. They protected Alsea from a terrible fate–but the reprieve is only temporary. Captain Ekayta Serrado of the Fleet ship Caphenon serves the Protectorate, a confederation of … Read more