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Announcement: Discovery, QSF’s Second Annual Flash Fiction Contest


QSF has a new anthology out: It’s hard to tell a story in just 300 words. But somehow we inspired more than a hundred writers to give it a try, with some amazing results collected here for your pleasure. The rules are simple enough. Write a complete story—either sci fi, fantasy, or paranormal. Make sure it has LGBT characters and/or an LGBT vibe. And do it all with just 300 words. The stories in this volume run the gamut, from platypus shifters to alien slug monsters, from carnival horror stories to haunting stories of ships with souls. There are little … Read more

QSF Contest Winners – First Place

Discovery - Bey Deckard

Here are the first two contest winners – cover by Bey Deckard and story by Jenn Burke – enjoy! Self-Actuating Jenn Burke “The electrical anomaly did not damage me,” I report. “Operations are within expected parameters.” “Glad to hear it, Davey.” Through my bridge cameras, I see Captain Landon’s smile. He pats my console. I am sure he knows I cannot feel it, but I understand it is a gesture of camaraderie. Landon leaves the bridge. Every time we encounter danger or other stress, he retreats to his cabin to indulge in May. She is always ready, naked, legs spread, … Read more