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MOVIES: Ryan Reynolds Really Wants Film Deadpool to Be Bi


Ryan Reynolds is reportedly begging Marvel executives to make the maverick superheroDeadpool openly bisexual. While the superhero character is portrayed as pansexual in the Deadpool comics, he has only ever had romantic liaisons with female characters in the two feature films, released in 2016 and 2018. But Ryan Reynolds is hoping to change that for the third Deadpool film, according to tipster Daniel Richtman. Richtman said Reynolds “very much wants” to explore the superhero’s sexuality in the third film and he has reportedly asked Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to “make Deadpool openly bi,” We Got This Covered reports. Full Story … Read more

FILM: Ryan Reynolds Open to Exploring Deadpool’s Sexuality

Ryan Reynolds - twitter pic

Ryan Reynolds has said he would “love” to explore his character Deadpool’s sexuality more in future films. The R-rated superhero franchise became the first to feature out LGBT characters on the big screen, with Deadpool 2 revealing that Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) is a lesbian and introducing her girlfriend Yukio (Shioli Kutsuna). But star Ryan Reynolds is hoping to go further, and explore the lead character’s sexuality too, with Reynolds and Deadpool 1 director Tim Miller having previously described Deadpool as pansexual. Speaking during a Q&A at Comic-Con San Diego, Reynolds said: “I certainly think that this universe needs to represent and … Read more

Entertainment: Why Blockbusters Lack Queer Characters


Ryan Reynolds has hinted that major US film studios avoid putting gay characters in blockbusters due to fears of alienating overseas audiences. The actor last year made his debut as pansexual superhero Deadpool, smashing box office records for an adult-rated film with the comedic take on superhero movies. Deadpool was the first non-heterosexual superhero to get his own standalone film, and was shown flirting indistinctly with both men and women. The comic book character is said to “do anything with a pulse”, while Tim Miller and Reynolds have described their version of the character as “pansexual”. By Nick Duffy – … Read more

Trailer: LIFE

Life trailer

The first trailer for LIFE, a sci-fi thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds, has just been released. Based on a script penned by Paul Wernick (Deadpool, Zombieland) and directed by Daniel Espinosa (Safe House), LIFE follows a group of six astronauts/scientists aboard the International Space Station who retrieve the first known sample of life on Mars. However, what they first believe to be a simple organism turns out to be more intelligent (and dangerous) than they expected. Fans of eerie sci-fi films thrillers will undoubtedly see some allusions to LIFE‘s cinematic antecedents (Sphere, for instance, comes to mind). But … Read more

Ryan Reynolds Signs On For ‘Deadpool 2’


Ryan Reynolds has signed on to play the pansexual superhero Deadpool once again, reports Heroic Hollywood. Reynolds was in talks to increase his earnings after making $2 million for the first film. “Deadpool” ended up raking in $754 million at the box office making it the most successful film in the X-Men franchise. It also earned the title of highest grossing R-rated movie of all time. According to Heroic Hollywood, details on the new contract have not been released but Reynolds would make more money. By Mariah Cooper – Full Story at The Washington Blade

Deadpool Wants You To Touch Yourselves


Ryan Reynolds, or rather Deadpool, stars in a new PSA that’s all about keeping your man berries (or as Deadpool likes to call them, Smooth Criminals) from bringing about your untimely demise. In other words, the video’s about testicular cancer. As Deadpool, Reynolds extolls the virtues of touching yourself in his typically dry and dirty sense of humor. He says, “I’m sure you rummage around downstairs more than mommy would like. But it’s time you start paying attention to your favorite pastime because that bag of beans bouncing around in your hand could be trying to kill you.” See the … Read more