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TECH: Today in Creepy Robots

Atlas Robot gif

You can run from Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot Atlas, but it wouldn’t do you any good — the robot can run after you.

In a video shared to YouTube yesterday (May 10) by the robot maker, the uncannily human-like Atlas demonstrates running ability that is eerily reminiscent of a person’s. The robot jogs methodically across an expanse of grass, against a backdrop of trees punctuated by a few isolated buildings.

The scene is almost peaceful and idyllic, except for the pervasive whirring and clanking of Atlas’ motors, gears and joints, and the sense of growing unease that comes with witnessing the inexorable approach of our future robot overlords.

By Mindy Weisberger – Full Story at LiveScience

1 thought on “TECH: Today in Creepy Robots”

  1. I love the jump over the log at the end. It reminds me of Lynda Carter’s Wonder Women always jumping over things that could easily be walked around.


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