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Technology: Oculus Rift Adds Touch to Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift Touch

The Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset earlier this year to much fanfare, but it was missing something that would have made playing around in the digital world even better: the ability to move your hands independently.

Oculus has released a pair of new controllers, called Touch, which give you a controller to use with each hand. It’s hard for me to overstate how much of a difference this makes in terms of immersion. Everything feels different when your arm and hand movements are reflected into the digital world — pointing at objects, reaching for handholds and even pulling a trigger is much better with dual controllers.

It’s much easier to lose yourself in a world when you’re using your own limbs. (Oculus, like its competitors, has put in a collision-warning system of sorts to deal in case you get too immersed.)

By Hayley Tsukayama – Full Story at The Washington Post


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