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The Amazing, Expanding, Oozing Plot Line


As I mentioned last week, I’m embarking on a new project – a novella that I want to hit a certain length, and need to finish by a certain date. A date that’s coming up all too quickly.

So for the first time in my little writer life, I’ve actually sat down and plotted out the whole thing, scenes and all.

It’s a new experience for me, as I usually fly by the seat of my pants. I’m finding that I rather like having the structure. But two scenes in, I’ve already been surprised by several things that happened. They’ve changed the story a little bit, but my overall plot structure is still sound. Not sure if that’s going to be the case after two or three more scenes.

So we already discussed the virtues of plotting versus setting out into the great unknown as a writer. Today I’d like to ask you what some of your greatest writing adventures have been – stories that started off as one thing, or going in one direction, and then veered off unexpectedly somewhere else?

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