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The Shifter Revolution


The Twilight series, love it or hate it, served to help bring shifter romance into the mainstream – it’s been fun to watch former “monsters” become romantic bad boys, from the likes of “True Blood” and “Twilight” to the lately emerging subgenre of Zombie romance, epitomized by last year’s film “Warm Bodies”.

There was even an attempt to turn Frankenstein into an action hero, with Aaron Eckhart cast in the lead in “I, Frankenstein.”

A quick run through the shifter romance page at Goodreads turns up horse shifters, lion shifters, bear shifters, dragon shifters and many more.

If you had to bet on what the next big animal shifter romance subgenre would be, what would you choose?

My money’s on sloth shifters. Just imagine the tantric love making possibilities! :)

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