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TUNE TUNE TUESDAY: Laika The four legged heroine.


OK. So there’s nothing queer about this post. Get over it. My idea about this column was to create a forum centred on what music inspires us – and, of course, it may or may not be ‘queer’. I knew nothing about Laika before I first heard this wonderful song by Mecano. Written before the tragic truth about Laika’s death was made public, it is a bitter-sweet paean to the early years of space exploration and the hubris of humans who thought it was acceptable to sacrifice an innocent animal for the greater good of mankind. Every time I look into my dog’s eyes I think of Laika. In the minutes before she expired did she look out into the expanse of space and see god? Were the ancients there to welcome her? I sincerely hope so. She inspires my dreams and my fantasies. Rest in peace, Laika.


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