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TV: Star Trek Discovery Goes There. Sort Of.

Star Trek Discovery gay scene

But many are asking – what, no kiss??? Towleroad reports:

Star Trek: Discovery broke new ground in the TV franchise last night when it finally made the relationship between (Dr. Culber) Wilson Cruz and (Lt. Stamets) Anthony Rapp explicit.

In the scene, the two are brushing their teeth with fancy toothbrushes, in matching red pajamas, which Rapp told Variety are “very, very, very, very, very comfortable.”


By Andy Towle – Full Story at Towleroad.com


2 thoughts on “TV: Star Trek Discovery Goes There. Sort Of.”

  1. Big SciFi is so afraid to “go gay” with their characters, believing that only straight folks enjoy SciFi. Someone needs to do it, and I applaud Star Trek for once again pushing the envelope even if some of us wish it we more natural, given it’s a vision of our future in space. Now we just need a gay couple on Star Wars.


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