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TV: The Owl House Adds a Non-Binary Character

The Owl House

Disney’s beloved series The Owl House has introduced its first non-binary character, voiced by a non-binary Latinx actor.

The Owl House, which airs on the Disney Channel, follows Luz, a 14-year-old Dominican-American, on her adventures after she falls through a portal into another world.

Although Luz is a human, she befriends a witch named Eda, also known as the Owl Lady, and becomes her apprentice.

The second season of The Owl House kicked off this month, and on Saturday (24 July), fans were introduced to a brand new character – Raine Whispers.

Raine is voiced by Avi Roque, a non-binary Latinx actor and voice artist.

Full Story from Pink News


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2 thoughts on “TV: The Owl House Adds a Non-Binary Character”

  1. “She” and “her”? So much for a non-binary review…. (especially when the review is illustrated with IG grabs that specify “preferred pronouns: they/them”.

    (not your fault scott, it’s the original author who wrote it that way)

    • Actually (and I haven’t watched the show, but from reading the whole thing) it looks like Luz is the original protagonist and does use she and her. Raine is the new non-binary one, and they/them is used for this character. Sorry, the post was a bit confusing, making it seem like Luz was the NB one…


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