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Undiscovered Places


Today’s topic comes from QSFer Alicia Nordwell: “A lot of ancient cultures came up with stories to explain natural phenomena with mythical reasonings. Science had explanations for many unknowns from the past, but what about the places in the world we still dare not go? Deep inside volcanoes, the Marianas Trench, the center of the world? Many authors of the past have written fantastical stories creating whole new worlds inside the one we think we know… but what do you think is hiding in the mysterious beyonds?”

We’ve mapped the whole world, so hidden places are pretty few and far between. Are there still things hidden in the vast seas or under the polar ice caps that we haven’t yet found?

As a reader, where do you want to be taken in Fantasy, Sci Fi or Paranormal fiction that you’ve never been before? As a writer, what worlds might you show us?


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2 thoughts on “Undiscovered Places”

  1. As a reader, I would like to be taken into the far depths of the sea. Ever since I was a child, I have wanted the ability to live in the deep sea, or perhaps even further! A fantasy that shows me another world with other beings, hidden deep in the sea, would be something I’d like to read.

    • Me too, yet I don’t get into mermaid fic really. I just need a lot more depth to it, and would love to explore the underworld habitats of a semi-aquatic or fully aquatic species further than the one novella I did write.


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