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What Are the Best Cons?

Rainbow ConToday’s question comes from QSFer Angel Martinez – “What are the best cons?”

I have to admit, as a neophyte writer, I haven’t been to any writer conferences yet, at least as a published author.

I did attend a conference about 15 years ago in Berkeley for sci fi writers, and was personally snubbed by Mercedes Lackey, something of a point of honor for me.

And I’m attending Rainbow Con in Tampa with the QSF crowd next July.

So help me out here, some of you more experienced writers – what are your favorite cons, and why? What are the pros and cons of Cons?


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1 thought on “What Are the Best Cons?”

  1. I must admit to complete and utter bias because I’ve only been to one – the UK LGBT Fiction Meet. Although there’s a lot of romance heavy content we do at least TRY to acknowledge that there are other genres with very powerful and beautifully written LGBTTQ protagonists and give the authors a good chance to promote their work. I also like that it’s a bit smaller and quieter than the huge affairs like GRL with a lot less skin on show. Much more manageable for a card carrying introvert like me.


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