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What Do Y’all Want to Talk About?

Gay Sci FiHey all,

It’s that time again – time to fill up the topics well for the next month or so. We’ve done a lot of sci fi lately, so I’d like to see some fantasy and paranormal topics as well.

Also, some more topics from a reader’s perspective.

So what do y’all think?

Share your ideas below – one per comment to make it easy on me – and if we use them, you’ll get the credit!




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1 thought on “What Do Y’all Want to Talk About?”

  1. I’ve been lurking (and thinking). :D This general topic comes from my experiences writing both fantasy/sci fi series and single books, and really can apply to either genre.

    What are readers’ and authors’ perspectives about writing series vs. one-off stories. Do you like to invest in more than one book? What about writers?

    More questions come up along the lines of series… For readers: Do you wait until the series is complete/published before starting? Do you care if it’s complete? Do you like spinoff series?

    If you’re reading a series romance, does it matter to you if the HEA comes at the end of a series? Do you need closure at the end of each book? What do you think about HFN?



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