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When Twins Attack

Today’s discussion topic comes from QSFer Freddy MacKay:

Can we have a topic about the effect of being able to differentiate twins genetically (their non-coding, or junk DNA, is different) might have on stories? Considering we now have a way to go back to trial cases and correctly identify the twin in the case, future stories will be impacted by this kind of development.

That’s interesting – I hadn’t even heard of this one. We take it as an article of faith that identical twins are, well, identical. There’s even a “twin twist” on Big Brother this summer, with a set of twins taking turns in the House without any of the other house guests knowing.

But I have known several sets of twins, and there often are telltale differences.

What impact would the ability to definitively tell them apart have on a story? Maybe someone figures out a way to cheat the system anyhow? This could be fun. Discuss.

Join the conversationTwins.

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