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Winners 2022

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 Every year, QSF holds a flash fiction contest to create an amazing new anthology of queer speculative fiction stories. We ask authors to do the nearly-impossible – to submit a sci fi, fantasy, paranormal or horror LGBTIQA story that has no more than 300 words.

Our 2022 contest closed on May 5, 2021. The theme for 2022 was “Clarity.”

These are alpha by author:

A Acosta – Stuck in the Space Elevator
RE Andeen – Male Female Nonbinary Other
Antonia Aquilante – Through the Glass
Blaine D. Arden – No Crime Unseen – Judge’s Choice – Ava
Megan Baffoe – Ribbon Thread – HM
Drew Baker – The Only Question I Could Ask
Abbie Bernstein – Kids Know
Alex Blanc – Death by Siren
Rob Bliss – PSI Ecstasy
Gordon Bonnet – Refraction – Director’s Choice – Scott
Julie Bozza – Verity
Jendayi Brooks-Flemister – Heartsbeats – HM
Camryn Burke – Burden of the Blurred
RE Carr – A Woman’s Reward
Minerva Cerridwen – Secundum Artem
Phoebe Ching – The Killer Cupid
SI CLARKE – If the Shoe Fits
A.J. Clarke – Shinigami – HM
Crysta Coburn – The Ghost Maid
Rory Ni Coileain – One Night in Troy
Monique Cuillerier – Through This Window – HM
Stephen Dedman – Through a Glass Clearly
Jana Denardo – Unexpected
Nicole Dennis – Orange Dust
Joe DeRouen – The World Around Her
Megan Diedericks – The Closet is Made of Mahogany
James Dunham – Brain of Theseus – HM
Allan Dyen-Shapiro – Oysters and Other Slimy Creatures
William R. Eakin – Overcoming Entropy
A. B. Encarnacion – Arene, 27F Invisible – HM
Emmy Eui – Sunset
Kim Fielding – Shared Language
Beáta Fülöp – The Unicorn Handler – HM
Steve Fuson – Translucent – HM
J.S. Gariety – Bloom
Isobel Granby – Sea-Glass
Gina Storm Grant – Clearing the Heir
Sacchi Green – The Star Beast – 2nd Place
Darrell Z. Grizzle – The Vampire and the Werewolf Priest
Kaje Harper – Beneath the Surface
Jennifer Haskin – Cold Conviction
Elizabeth Hawxhurst – Inflection Point
Sheryl Hayes – A Smoking Hot Proposal
Megan Hippler – The Gift
Sage HN – Impact
Lori Alden Holuta – Magic Mirror – HM, Judge’s Choice, J.M.
Kris Jacen – Visus – HM
Scott Jenson – Cycles
W. Dale Jordan – Ascension
M. X. Kelly – Muddy the Waters – HM
Josie Kirkwood – The Blue Capsule Experience
Kora Knight – Sunrise – HM
Barbara Krasnoff – Age Cannot Wither Her
Anton Kukal – Detonation
Mary Kuna – Late Bloomer – HM
Jamie Lackey – The Cursed Princess – HM
Oskar Leonard – Murcorpio
Alex Liddell – Telegram From the Netherland – Judge’s Choice, Lexi
Nathan Alling Long – The Shadow of Doubt
Patricia Loofbourrow – There’s Something Weird About Joe – HM
Alden Loveshade – Clouds
A.H. Lykke – Fresh
Derwin Mak – Software Update
Krystle Matar – My Poppy Fields Are Burning
Belinda McBride – The Choice – HM
Alison J. McKenzie – Happy to Help – Director’s Choice, Scott
Isabel McKeough – The Art of Not Blowing Up
Lloyd A. Meeker – Ruti’s Prayer – 1st Place
Shirley Meier – Upon Reflection
R.L. Merrill – The Sitter
Amanda Meuwissen – Willows
RL Mosswood – A Trick of the Nerves
Jaime Munn – Impulse – HM
E. W. Murks – Earth Day – HM
K.S. Murphy – Looped
Jess Nevins – Stagecoach Mary Versus the Ghost of Cascade – 3rd Place
Kiya Nicoll – The Satyr and the Wishing Pond
Alma Nilsson – Meet Me at the South Gate
Stacy Noe – Demons Need Love Too
K.L. Noone – The Unicorn’s Knight
Raven Oak – Wrinkled – HM
Siri Paulson – Blood and Water
Stephen B. Pearl – Sad Reality
C.T. Phipps – The Chase Was Enough
Terry Poole – A Grey Man
Mere Rain – With Clear Eyes – HM
D.M. Rasch – Crystal Clear – HM
Rdp – Alice!
T.J. Reed – New Memories
Isa Reneman – The Furthest Horizon
Daria Richter – Make Me Real
Marie Victoria Robertson – As Foretold
Warren Rochelle – Ghosts – HM
Rie Sheridan Rose – The Night Witch
Jamie Sands – Remote Working Gothic
Jason Sárközi-Forfinski – ACAB – HM
Chloe Schaefer – Matthias
J Sigel – Hindsight
Alex Silver – Smile – HM
Kayleigh Skye – Blue
Anne Smith – A Glimpse – HM
Caro Soles – The Truth Sayer
V. Astor Solomon – Blood Will Show Us Who We Are
Rin Sparrow – Never Alone – HM
Andrea Stanet – Bathtub Gin
Ginger Streusel – Lovers’ Letters – HM
Jane Suen – Bowls of Steaming Noodles
RoAnna Sylver – The Face in the Mirror – HM
Nathaniel Taff – The Gauntlet
Steve Rasnic Tem – The Man in the Mirror
Tori Thompson – A Visage of Home
Izzy Tyack – Magically Induced Clarity
Jordan Ulibarri – Franklin – HM, Judge’s Choice, Ben
David Viner – The Best Solution
Jaymie Wagner – Harmony – Judge’s Choice, Angel
Devon Widmer – Post-Apocalyptic Goo
Catherine Yeates – Outpouring – HM
Yoyoli – If Deliberate Avoidance Fulfills No Dream – HM
Rainie Zenith – Crystal Clear

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