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Word Nerding: Old Words We Miss


Thought we’d have some fun today. As writers we generally LOVE words. And each of us has certain words we are fond of, no matter how many editors try to nix them from our writing.

We were talking the other day about some of these words – specifically giveth, taketh, and thrice – and we thought it would be fun to have a chat about words that are no longer in general use that we still have a fondness for.

This also applies to words like burnt (instead of burned) – although, curiously, we still say spent (not spended) and kept (not kepted).

We can also throw in using Britishisms or Americanisms etc… I often use the word “flat” for apartment, which apparently is a Britishy thing, and like to spell gray with an “e”.

So what are some of your favorite words that people give you sidelong glances for using? How about some stories about that time an editor called you on them? And as a reader, are there some words you LOVE or HATE to see?

I asketh thou.


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