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Writing Electronically

PencilsYes, I’m back, after a five-day hiatus to move to our new digs with Mark, my hubby. Angel did a bang-up job with the discussion topics these last five days, and so she’s graciously agreed to continue the tradition with a new Angel Discussion every Friday. WooHoo!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, today’s topic comes from QSFer Anastasia Vitsky: “How has the use of electronic methods for writing changed the trends in sci fi?”

I’d expand this to include cloud technology and the ability to write on the fly with your smart phone or tablet.

I’m updating a story that features tech that’s about 25 years out of date, and it’s a huge challenge not just bringing it up to now, but trying to guess where we’ll be in another ten years with info tech and the way we interface with computers, etc.

It seems to me that this breaks down into two broad categories:

How have these new technologies changed the writing process itself?

And how have they changed what we write about?


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