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Discussion: Your Adoring Public


I apologize, but I’m not sure who to attribute today’s topic to. But it’s a good one:

I wrote several stories and posted them on the free websites like Gay Author. I got lots of emails from readers, many very personal. Now I’ve written close to the same number of published works…but I’ve never gotten a direct email from a reader.

I’m in kind of the same boat. I keep waiting for my legions of adoring fans to contact me directly. I’ve had a couple new friendings on Facebook, at least one of which I ca attribte to having read some of my stories.

But no one has yet come to me via messenger or email or carrier pigeon to say “I want to talk with you about your wonderful/horrible story.”

Which also brings up the wider topic of how we do (and should) interact with fans.

So my questions today: Do fans contact you about your work? If so, what’s the best or worst interaction you have had? As a reader, do you like to contact authors after you’ve read a story? What other interactions between writers and fans are appropriate or inappropriate? Are there any things a writer should never do in regard to their fans?


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