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ANNOUNCEMENT: A Marvel of Magick – E.T. Page

A Marvel Of Magick - E.T. Page

E.T. Page has a new gay YA fantasy out: A Marvel of Magick.

Madden Edwards can’t seem to keep his mind from wandering off during class, feeling stuck in his ordinary, lackluster existence as a seventh grade student at Washington Middle School. His daydreaming and near obsession with all things magical has been getting him into trouble at school and at home, not to mention inviting the scrutiny of his peers.

But maybe there is a reason he has these obsessions. Perhaps his incorrigible desires of something fantastical were meant to be piqued all along.

When he encounters a real unicorn in peril and manages to help save its life, he is given the chance to transform his own life into one of real magic. Yet, his joy is ephemeral as he soon learns of a sinister plot in which he has unwillingly become entangled. Will his cravings for adventure and significance finally be answered… even though he may get more than he bargained for?

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….But the knot in Madden’s body began to turn into a tingle… and then a vibration… and then Madden saw light everywhere around him. Something was happening that he had never felt before, and after a few more moments, his very figure began to rearrange. Suddenly pale pearlescent hair sprouted from pores all over his body and a slender lump began to protrude from his lower back. It grew several feet, and a wisp of flowing pearlescent hair sprouted from the end. It looked like the tail of a lion.

“What the…?” The bullying brutes looked on in frightened astonishment as the shape of the young boy they had just assaulted began to transform.

Madden tried to stand and managed for a moment before placing all four appendages on the ground. His plump lips and tapered nose seemed to elongate and merge, as the hair on his head grew and began to line the back of his neck, which also stretched several times in length. Great muscles inflated under his skin while his legs and arms shifted into robust forelegs and hindquarters, and his fingers and toes curled under into fists that became hard, cloven hooves. “The last thing to emerge as his clothing fell in singed tatters was a single ivory-like horn that spiraled just above his large brown eyes and extended up toward the sky.

What had happened? How had it happened? Madden could barely think, but impressions of the previous day raced through his mind. The wish? But he hadn’t made one. Not consciously, anyway. Still, the magick the unicorn had promised was real, and it was working. Not exactly the way he had thought it would, but it had happened. He was changed, transformed. His shape was no longer that of a human boy. He had become something completely different, something unreal.”…

Author Bio

A Florida born California girl, Ericka Page found her love of music early while singing in her southern baptist children’s church choir. A product of a multi racial family, having a black mother and white father, she understood at a young age that music could help bring people together, but it wasn’t until college that she began writing and performing her own original songs.

Anxious to keep exploring after graduating, she made her way across country to Los Angeles, where she continued writing and experimenting with her stage show. She recorded two albums (as Trevor Page), both currently available for streaming everywhere, and performed in venues all over the country.

In 2020 after an extended period of deep melancholy, Ericka discovered she was suffering from gender dysphoria in a crippling way. Struggling to create and thrive, she decided to begin gender transition and now remarks that this is where her life really began.

Back with her first solo music in nearly five years, the self penned and produced “Now (The Moment)”, now streaming everywhere, is an empowerment anthem and features her signature soul-laden vocals at their best, over bluesy piano and horn riffs.

As an artist her music has been featured in film and television, but she also acts as composer and music producer, recently scoring the documentary “Streetlight Harmonies” now streaming on Amazon. Ericka’s love of storytelling has also extended into the literary realm, adding author to her resume, with the release of her fantasy novel “A Marvel of Magick: Madden and the Dark Unicorns of Danuk” in May 2021!

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