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New Release: Midwinter Marriage – K.L. Noone

Midwinter Marriage - K.L. Noone

QSFer K.L. Noone has a new MM historical fantasy out: Midwinter Marriage. The Honorable Edmund Rookwood needs to get married. By Midwinter. Or his father will disinherit him. Edmund has always tried to be a loyal son and dutiful heir — unlike his scandalous younger brother. But his father’s ultimatum seems impossible. Edmund has never fallen in love easily, and — according to his father — he’s a disappointment, inadequate, never good enough. Who would ever say yes to him? Sebastian Melior, the Duke of Morinbrough, mathematician and inventor and Edmund’s best friend, offers to help. After all, Sebastian’s also … Read more

Review: The Thousand-and-One Rides of the Devil’s Horse – Eric Alan Westfall

The Thousand-and-One Rides of the Devil's Horse - Eric Alan Westfall

Genre: Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Maryann Get It At Amazon | Smashwords | Universal Buy Link About The Book Diablo. Big as one o’ them beer-pullin’ horses, quarter horse sleek, blacker’n the blackest black ya kin see inside yer head er elsewheres. They said as how he was the best saddle bronc ever, ‘n’ weren’t nobody gonna stay on him. Ha! He was the Devil hisself made horse. How else ya gonna explain as how the bosses was right? Nobody stayed the eight seconds when the Devil’s horse were buckin’. Weren’t no big deal, him tossin’ riders them first ten, twenny times, with … Read more

New Release: Curse of the Dragon’s Eye – Eoghan R. Cunningham

Curse of the Dragon's Eye - Eoghan R. Cunningham

QSFer Eoghan R. Cunningham has a new MM fantasy romance out, The Crystalline Dragons Saga book 1: Curse of the Dragon’s Eye. When the last dragon died over a thousand years ago, magic disappeared along with them. Alone and powerless, humanity was left to pick up the pieces of their once magnificent world. But now magic returns in the hands of a young slave. Ever since slave traders captured me as a small boy, I’ve worked in the salt mines. My destiny is hard labor and an early death. There is no escape. Until I found the dragon. Inside a … Read more

New Release: Time & Again – Amanda Cherry

Time & Again - Amanda Cherry

QSFer Amanda Cherry has a new queer urban fantasy romance out (bi, lesbian, poly, pan characters*): Time & Again. As far as Ruby Killingsworth is concerned, life could not possibly get any better. She is the wealthiest and most influential she’s ever been. Her entertainment empire continues to grow and thrive, her personal life is uncomplicated and fulfilling, and she continues to explore the unequaled magic she’s been granted access to. In Ruby’s world, magic and money can solve just about any problem. But when an email from the future arrives in her inbox—one that threatens her entire business and … Read more

Review: Feral Night – Kell Shaw

Feral Night - Kell Shaw

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Suspense LGBTQ+ Category: Ace, Bi, Gay, Lesbian, Trans FTM Reviewer: Linda, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon | Universal Buy Link About The Book Return to Kell Shaw’s Vestiges of Magic world in a knife-edge sequel. Lukie’s father is trapped in the Underworld and it’s all her fault. Twenty years after her murder, Lukie has returned to life and is ready to go home, but her father isn’t willing to believe his beloved daughter is back from the dead. Before she can reconcile with him, a supernatural predator steals her father’s soul. One that she’s … Read more

New Release: The Terrible – Tessa Crowley

The Terrible - Tessa Crowley

Tessa Crowley has a new MM fantasy out: The Terrible. Once upon a time in the kingdom of Leithbrochen, a king and queen in need of an heir went to seek the aid of a fairy who lived in a hut that was never in the same place twice. Many years later, in a small village along a river, a monster made of shadows begins to kill and devour people in the night. Ness Catterick, the adviser on all matters magical to the Crown of Leithbrochen, is placed in charge of dealing with the monster. To his dismay, the attacks … Read more

Review: Foxes Love Sorcerers – Toshi Drake

Foxes Love Sorcerers - Toshi Drake

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Sweetie Pie, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Can a sorcerer apprentice learn to control his magic before the elder demon destroys his home? Fledgling sorcerer Isaac and his friends accidentally create a spell that sets a cryptid town on top of theirs. With no one hurt in the aftermath, they put the night of the Red Storm behind them and opened their arms to the new residents, shifters monsters and everything in between. Caspian, a sweetly sexy fox shifter has turned his considerable affections and attention toward … Read more

Review: The Great North – J. Scott Coatsworth

The Great North - J. Scott Coatsworth

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fantasy, Mythology, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Ulysses, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon | Universal Buy Link About The Book Dwyn is a young man in the small, isolated northern town of Manicouga, son of the Minstor, and betrothed to marry the beautiful Kessa in just a few weeks. Mael is shepherding the remains of his own people from Land’s End, a village much farther north, chased out by a terrible storm that destroyed the town. Both are trying to find their way in a post-apocalyptic world. When they meet, their love may change the world, and the … Read more

New Release: Valley of Shadows – Elizabeth Schechter

Valley of Shadows - Elizabeth Schecter

QSFer Elizabeth Schechter has a new queer fantasy out (bi, poly, non-binary), Heir to the Firstborn book 7: Valley of Shadows. When the Heir to the Firstborn is chosen by the Mother, the lore dictates that they must find their Companions among the tribes, and the first of those shall be Water. But when Aeris, oldest daughter and Heir to Firstborn Aria makes her Progress, her Water is nowhere to be found. The lore has once more been broken, threatening to throw the world out of balance. Two years later, as Aeris comes of age and continues to seek her … Read more

Review: A Winter Fox – J.C. Owens

A Winter Fox - J.C. Owens

Genre: Fantasy, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Linda, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book When a hero becomes a slave, his greatest enemy might be his only hope… Albion Rasendin, the renowned general known as the Winter Fox, has only one option to save the lives of his men: surrender. After a war that nearly ripped two nations apart, Albion knows he’ll be executed. The victor, Prince Treynar Massan, has other plans. Locking a slave collar around Albion’s throat, the prince hopes to sully the legend of the cunning and elusive Winter Fox. But Draven, the … Read more