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ANNOUNCEMENT: After We Came Home – Frances Regan

After We Came Home - Frances Regan

QSFer Frances Regan has a new MM sci-fi romance out: “After We Came Home.”

During the summer of 2072, the British Army deploys two special forces teams to Afghanistan to rescue and bring home four scientists. An IED explosion rips apart the mission.​

Samuel (Sam) Richardson, Ex-Captain of the British Army’s elite special forces team, SF1 lives with CPTSD and a catalogue of guilt from losing men under his command. The need to know why an IED went off in a supposedly cleared area—that plays on his mind, over and again, the voices of the past that haunt him.​

What’s left of his team scatters and returns to civilian life to heal.​

Ten years later, Sam is slowly healing and finding solace with his best friend, Raphael Taylor. A chance conversation with an old commander brings information about a new medical advancement Sam wants for his team. Though, finding them sets Sam and Rafe upon a course of action that will change all their lives forever.

Trigger Warning: Please read warnings before continuing this story. This book includes many topics that may be triggering for some readers. The story includes Accidental suicide, scenes of C-PTSD.

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“If you’re off women and I’m off men, where will we go this weekend?” Sam asked. Walking by Rafe, Sam strolled into the hallway and into the sitting room, turning. He didn’t need to see if Rafe was following him; he was. 

Sam walked through the sitting room, into the kitchen, opening the refrigerator and taking out two bottles of beer. Sam opened them, sliding one along the island to Rafe.

“Now Sam, spill it, please before I worry, I have noticed you this past few months. If it’s anything like what Miranda says about me, why fucking worry?”

“Okay,” Rafe, “Mercy said I was boring in bed. I thought we’d a connection; clearly, I was wrong. The more I think about it, and as sad as I am, it ended the way it did. I am almost relieved. If I was boring in bed, then imagine years of bad sex?” Sam lifted the bottle of beer, drinking it down. 

“Perish the thought.” Rafe smiled sadly. 

Sam noticed his smile didn’t reach his eyes, “I need to ask you something. I want you to just think about it.”

Sam took a long swallow of his beer before walking across the sitting room to the window. Looking out, he sighed. The view was fantastic, nothing but a clear ocean for miles. 

“You’re thinking too hard, Sam. What’s on your mind? What do you want to ask me?” Rafe followed Sam into the sitting room. 

Rafe was watching him. Is he nervous? 

Why am I so fucking nervous about asking him? Sam thought.

“How long have you got before; you have to move out of your house? I mean, I have all this space, and I know your medical trial starts soon. I thought that I could clear my shit out of the office, and you can sleep just across from me if you are – ” Sam rushed his words out. 

Rafe wasn’t surprised Sam had asked him to move in. It was what he had been expecting. What did surprise him was the offer of the office. Rafe’s room was upstairs though it made perfect sense for him to be close during the medical trial. Sam would want to take care of him. He still blamed himself all these years later. 


“No, I mean you might struggle; I can look after you if you – ” Sam was using his trial as an excuse. 

Rafe held up his hand, halting Sam, “I think you’re the best pal anyone has ever had. God, you mean so much to me, you always think of me – nothing’s too much trouble for you. Though, I need to ask you something as well.”

“What, Rafe, I won’t get in your way, I won’t mollycoddle you, I promise. I just figured if you moved out before she put you out, she might think you have another woman.” Sam smiled, his sense of humour bubbling along the surface. 

“I would love to move in, and the office is just great, thank you.” Rafe needed to put Sam out of his misery. 

“I need to ask you something, and as much as I really don’t want to trigger you, I need someone to go with me to the hospital at Shelly Orthopaedics in two days for the pre-operative assessment. I know how you don’t like that particular hospital, but I need someone to drive me home.”

Author Bio

Author Frances Regan is a new name for F.R. D’Angelo, taking a leap of faith and going back to her roots. Using her own name was a personal decision based on her mental health.

“It didn’t feel like I was my authentic self, using a pen name, and while each person has their own decisions and experiences to use a pen name, it wasn’t working out mentally for me.”

Frances Regan fully enjoys writing for her characters. They are men that make her laugh. They also make her cringe. They are utterly shameless. Making her draw stickmen, then telling her to check with her editor to see if their positions will work. (Shakes head)

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