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New Release: Starship Dominatrix – Dustin J. Craig

Starship Dominatrix - Dustin Craig

QSFer Dustin Craig has a new queer space opera out: Starship Dominatrix. An epic LGBTQ science fiction space opera novel! Based on the comic book, “Starship Dominatrix” follows the crews of the Dominatrix and the Submission, who don’t realize they are on a mission to save the galaxy from the Chimera Kyria, the human empire that controls the galaxy and enslaves alien and AI. The diverse LGBTQ crews composed of humans, aliens, an AI and an 8-foot-tall octopus must work together to overcome personal betrayals, harrowing sacrifices, and emotional journeys of redemption, while addressing love, forgiveness, and self-acceptance. Along the … Read more

New Release: The Switch – April McCloud

The Switch - April McCloud

QSFer April McCloud has a new queer cyberpunk book out (Bi, Trans FTM & MTF): The Switch. A hundred years in the future, in a world where technologically enhanced bodies are valued above organic ones, Complete Life Management (CLM) is selling perfection in the form of the latest and greatest bionic model, the Apogee. As an elite runner and inadvertent spokesperson for the humanism movement, NYPD Detective Naomi Gate has eschewed vanity upgrades. However, if she hopes to survive in New York City’s fierce criminal Underground and find her brother, she can’t show up in her organic cop body. When … Read more

Review: The Perfection of Peace – C.J. Dragon

The Perfection of Peace - C.J. Dragon

Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Linda, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon | Universal Buy Link About The Book War is stalking Daran. Ordered to separate ships, Jon and Talin struggle with another parting, their words of comfort barely enough to sustain them. Jon reluctantly takes command of the entire fleet at his superior’s insistence, once again commanding the Excalibur as the alliance with Earth becomes a reality. They face an enemy no one has seen with only Jon’s humanity to assure victory. The Review The time has come to prepare for battle against the Strakaan, and … Read more

New Release: Suki and the Floating Mountains – Ita Sypniewska

Suki and the Floating Mountains - Ita Sypniewska

QSFer Ita Sypniewska has a new erotic pansexual sci fi/magical realism book out: Suki and the Floating Mountains. Embark on an enthralling journey with Suki, a student of the University of Hedonism, as she ventures on an annual school trip to the ethereal Floating Mountains, a place brimming with challenges for young adepts. Amidst the beauty and danger of the mountains, Suki finds herself on an unexpected journey of self-discovery. She delves into the depths of her own fears and uncertainties, unraveling the memories that have long haunted her. In a tale brimming with adventure, mystery, and deeply sensual experiences, … Read more

New Release: Bisection – Sheila Jenné

Bisection - Sheila Jenné

QSFer Sheila Jenné has a new queer sci-fi book out: Bisection. Tria and Resa have shared the same body since they were born. Like everyone on their home planet of Kinaru, their mind and body are divided down the middle: the logical right and the emotional left. Tria, the right, has a budding career as a biologist, while Resa dreams of more freedom than their home planet grants her. When aliens land on Kinaru, Tria and Resa seize the opportunity to be the first of their people to travel to the stars. Karnath, the alien scientist assigned to study them, … Read more

Review: The Precipice of Understanding – C.J. Dragon

The Precipice of Understanding - C.J. Dragon

Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Linda, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Reunited with his husband, Talin, Jon spends a few blissful days reconnecting with him. Their reunion is short lived as there is trouble on the border of Daranii space that must beinvestigated without delay. An old enemy is waiting, and has already struck against the heart of Daran. The loss that ensues wreaks havoc, calling long held beliefs into question, and putting Talin injeopardy. Can Jon help Daran change their beliefs, or will Talin be the sacrifice given for their grief? Will … Read more

New Release: Tenacity – Elaine Burnes

Tenacity - Elaine Burnes

QSFer Elaine Burnes has a new FF sci-fi book out: Tenacity. All they want is a ride. Why is that a really bad idea?Former captain Lyn Randall is the only person on Earth who has the information to build the machine that can open a traversable wormhole. More accurately, she has the data. Her wife, astrophysicist Diana Teegan, pioneered the technology. They believe nothing good can come from humans expanding into the galaxy given how Earth has been exploited. So, they’ve vowed to keep it secret despite powerful entities within and outside government who will do anything to get their … Read more

New Release: Glitches of Gods – Jurgen “jojo” Appelo

Glitches of Gods - Jurgen "jojo" Appelo

QSFer Jurgen “jojo” Appelo has a new queer humorous sci-fi book out: Glitches of Gods. Julien, the AI genius, craves freedom, but the gods wield total control. In this ominous world, will his android bring hope and salvation or yet more death and destruction? Julien feels utterly miserable. Creator of the AI that killed his father, the brilliant engineer deftly evades work on the world’s first human-level android, dodging the off-chance of snuffing out more lives. Instead, Julien much prefers bickering with his virtual assistant, crafting memes with his quirky friends, and shagging dates across a broad spectrum of genders. … Read more

Review: Transparent is a Color – Kaje Harper

Transparent is a Color - Kaje Harper

Genre: Sci-Fi, Superheroes, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Tony Get It On Amazon About The Book Perry’s mother told him he’d develop the superpower of flight, like his grandfather. She even named him Peregrine, so folks would call him “The Falcon.” Spoiler— they don’t. Because when he did come into his power, all he got was the ability to change colors. Not even himself, like some kind of Chameleon Man, but the color of objects. He can de-pukify the shade of his bedroom curtains, turn a bully’s sweatshirt pink, or even turn a red traffic light green. (Not a good … Read more

New Release: Future Love Affair – Nando Gray

Future Love Affair - Nando Gray

QSFer Nando Gray has a new MM sci-fi romance out: Future Love Affair. DOOM HAS FINALLY FOUND HUMANITY. One by one, worlds are falling silent across human space–a nameless scourge clawing at them from the shadows as it attempts to topple thousands of years of peace and prosperity… AUREN has always been a survivor. Growing up in the slums of Obila, he’d learned precisely one thing: trust no one. So when the enemy drop pods began to fall from the heavens, he’d done what he’d always done: survive. Except the bargain he’d had to make to do so was certain … Read more