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Announcement: Anywhere You Go, by Keelan Ellis

Anywhere You Go

QSFer Keelan Ellis has a new paranormal book out:

Jess Early and Eli Dunn, owners of Ruth’s Haven Bed and Breakfast, love married life. Every jealousy bump and insecure thought is just another expected growing pain. But with Jess redefining his relationship with his best friend and ex-fiancée Cassie and Eli’s friend Travis staying with the guys while going through marital problems of his own, things haven’t been feeling quite right between them.

Not to forget, the home’s ghostly previous owners, Clay Bailey and Silas Denton, still reside in their former bedroom and delight in making their presence known—including invading Travis’s dreams in an attempt to help. They give Travis a vivid glimpse of their adventurous trip to Paris in the early 1960s and some insight about his marriage.

With tensions mounting, Eli’s father suffers a heart attack. Now Jess and Eli must remain strong and at the same time confront their evolving feelings. The young couple’s struggles become a lesson in the true meanings of love, loyalty and marriage.



He walked out of the room quickly and headed for the staircase. Jess didn’t like the idea of him staying in the ghosts’ room, one little bit. He didn’t trust them to stay quiet, for one thing, and if someone else happened to go into that back room with Travis, for some reason, he knew for damn sure he couldn’t trust them. He unlocked the door and stepped in, but waited until it was firmly shut behind him before saying, “Hello there, incorporeal souls.” He sat down hard on the bed, which was still a mess from the morning. He’d need to change the sheets, too. Great.

What’s got you so frosted?

“I can only assume that’s some sort of beatnik slang from the olden days. At any rate, Silas, it’s nothing. I just had a frustrating day, and I’m tired. And unfortunately, now I have to ask you two for a favor.”

Oooooh, a favor. No wonder you’re being so pissy.

“Not like you don’t owe me,” Jess said. “I mean really.” He waited a minute or so, during which the ghosts were completely silent. Finally Jess sighed and said, “Not that I’m keeping score. Listen, we have an unexpected guest. Elijah’s friend Travis, from the army. He showed up without notice, and needs to stay a few days. Or- well, I’m not sure how long, really.” Jess scowled. He certainly hoped it wouldn’t be more than a few days.

Oh, I see.


Jess gritted his teeth. “Spare me the commentary. I just want to know if he can stay in here, because the other rooms are full. And I need you to promise you won’t fuck with him.”

You sure?

“Am I sure what?”

Are you sure you don’t want us to fuck with him? Maybe scare him just a little?

“I’m serious. Just leave him alone. I’m not entirely sure what you’re insinuating, but I’m fine. I don’t have a problem with him and it’s been a long day, so I don’t feel like arguing with you two dead assholes. Can he stay in here or not?”

Sure, honey. You might want to change those sheets, though.

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